• Hogo

    Very nice. Between this and the upcoming tilta nucleus M, wireless control is finally getting modern and affordable.

    • Nils

      The Questions is which of these two systems is more usable?

      • Josh Engel

        Far and way the Tilta steals this by a mile. This is a system for wider shots that are completely blocked out and are user controlled. You can’t use this as a true follow focus due to the inability to wirelessly make adjustments on the fly that aren’t marked. Shooting a dialogue on a 100mm lens means every moment requires a pull. This isn’t up to the task.

        • Brandon J. Moye

          You actually can make adjustments on the fly. That was one of my biggest concerns since I needed a replacement for my Aputure DEC that I use for my gimbals. And since I shoot a lot of weddings, nearly nothing is blocked or timed perfectly. More usable? I’d still like to really test drive both systems thoroughly.