4K Has Arrived! And, it is Here to Stay.

4K. What is it? Well, to some it is just another marketing buzzword, but we believe it is way more than just that.4K is a lot more than just 4 x the resolution of your DSLR, 4K gives us infinite possibilities, when it comes to storytelling.

From reframing your image to get that perfect frame, to a more improved scaling down to 2K or 1080p, to much improved, and even in cases eliminated problems such as aliasing and/or moire patterns. Nonetheless, this post is not about pixel-peeping frame grabs or comparing HD to 4K cameras. We will have plenty of those in the days and weeks to come. In this post we are not going to discuss the pros and cons of the 4K acquisition format, but we will try to explain why it is so important and so inspiring for us. We always dream to become successful filmmakers, right? This is an essential question that every present-day filmmaker should ask themselves in the first place.

So this is it! For the first time in our history the tools for capturing moving in cinema resolution are readily available and affordable as they were never before. For less than $3000 one could buy a 4k capable digital camera and with some decent glass, a rig and a couple of accessories, one can start shooting right away. There is nothing stopping us from telling our stories any more, no limitations, no major obstacles that can stop us from doing that. Really, there are none… All we need is a good story.

Let me tell you one. And, who doesn’t love a good story. But before we continue you could probably say “OK, we can afford the tools, but what is really going to cost us?”. Well, that’s a good question. What if I tell you can shoot a full-length feature film for less than $10 000? It’s insane, right? But, come on, really? That’s the truth. That is what my crew and I did back in 2011 with our debut feature film “The Sixth Day”.

Also, this is what my close friend and colleague the talented writer/director Ogy Stoilov did with his own “Bandit”. He even managed to get it in the can for less than that. We both didn’t have access to 4k cameras at that time, but shot our films with DSLRs and other affordable cameras. This is what acclaimed filmmaker Ed Burns is doing all the time with his full-length feature films. This is what many filmmakers do right now, in this very moment, all over the world. And, this is so inspiring and revolutionary! It’s groundbreaking!


Today, in 2014, we are seeing 4K all around us. There are 4K TV’s and most cinemas have screens capable of projecting films in 4K. It’s not all about DSLRs anymore, now it’s about the 4k movement. The signs are clear – what 3D could not do three or four years ago, 4K is doing now. It is on its way to becoming the de-facto acquisition standard for feature films, and within a year or two at most 4K will be the new standard for home medium consumption. As the production cycle is becoming global, 4K is gaining more and more popularity every day and it is here to stay.

We are currently part of a crucial historical moment in all visual mediums. 4K will not only change our professional lives as cinematographers, editors and directors, but also as storytellers. It’s great to know that now only five years after James Cameron did Avatar we have superior capturing acquisition format tools than those he had at his disposal, as we all know Avatar was shot in 1080p only.

Note: Click the image above to see it in full-size. 

So before we dive into the next technical debate on the pros and cons of 4K, we should simply take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture. We must consider the limitless opportunities that technological advancements give us every day. That is the main idea of this blog. This is not our blog, this is your 4k blog! We are here to help you and help ourselves to better understand, master and smily be humble and grateful to be a part of the 4k revolution. We feel truly blessed to be a part of the filmmaking community. We hope you find our posts and articles useful and we can’t wait to have you join us on our 4K journey!

The story has just begun! In the coming weeks, we’ll share not only the latest news in 4K with you, but also our experiences shooting 4K and visually telling stories. So get on board, and share your own experience and thoughts in the comments below.

Yours truly,

Team 4K Shooters

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