The Long-Awaited Metabones Canon EF to BMPCC Active Speed Booster is Almost Here

More big news for the owners of EF Canon lenses and the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema camera (BMPCC).

The long-awaited Canon EF to BMPCC Active Speed Booster from Metabones should be available by the end of June.

The EF-BMPCC Active Speed Booster is specifically designed for the BMPCC and it should not be used with other MFT cameras. This model of the is custom-tailored to the Pocket camera, so it may cause damage to the mount of other cameras, even if they are native Micro Four Thirds mount.

The Metabones EF-to-MFT BMPCC Speed Booster, is not designed to cover the full MFT image circle, and it is optimised for the smaller Super 16mm sized sensor on the BMPCC.

So, If you consider the option to use it on your brand new GH4 – please, avoid that! The Panasonic GH4 will display “Lens attachment failed” on the LCD. Please make sure the lens is attached correctly”. There is also a warning “For use only with BMPCC” on the BMPCC Speed Booster housing according to James Miller.


The new 0.58x EF-BMPCC Active Speed Booster reduces the crop factor of the BMPCC from 2.88x to 1.75x, and produces the largest aperture optics currently available, with a maximum output aperture of f/0.74.  For example, a 50mm f/1.2, now becomes a 29mm f/0.74 (i.e, by using 50mm lens, the actual focal length in BMPCC is 29mm x 3.02 = 87.58mm), and the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 becomes the world’s fastest zoom lens at 10.5-20.3mm f/1.0 with stunningly sharp performance. (i.e, by using 18-35mm lens, the actual focal length in BMPCC is from (10.5mm x 3.02 = 31.71mm) to (20.3mm x 3.02 = 61.31mm).

According to Andrew Reid from

 “The Canon mount Speed Booster is a slim one. Really thin! It feels like you are almost mounting the lens directly on the body of the camera like a native lens. It is noticeably thinner than the earlier Nikon version.”

efsb_02 (Full)

For all Micro Four Thirds users Metabones are currently developing the Canon EF Speed Booster with the same full electronic capabilities for general Micro Four Thirds mount cameras as we speak.

The footage from James Miller looks amazing and gives you an idea of what the Pocket Cinema Camera is capable of with the Metabones Speed Booster for Canon EF.

Metabones Canon EF to BMPCC Active Speed Booster from James Miller on Vimeo.

[Images and link: EOSHD]

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