The New 4K AJA Cion Gets First Lens Mount Adaptors by MFT Services

Earlier this week, UK based broadcast and lens adaptor specialist MFT Services, announced the world’s first lens adaptors for the upcoming 4K camera from AJA – the Cion.

AJA themselves confirmed at NAB that there will be third party lens mount options developed soon, and here are the first from MFT Services.

A few years back they debuted their electronic EF to Micro Four Thirds adaptor, which was one of the few Canon EF electronic lens adaptors, which actually worked. It’s no brainer really, and no surprise that MFT Services have chosen to develop various lens mount adaptors for the AJA Cion.

The demand is there for shooters who want to get the AJA Cion but do not have or plan to use PL mount lenses. The AJA Cion comes with PL mount as standard and according to AJA, the lens mount can be changed by simply removing the 4 screws, which very straightforward, quick and easy and does not require the camera to be sent back to AJA. It is a user upgradeable feature.


The MFT Services B4 to AJA Cion Adaptor

MFT Services are well-known for their top quality adaptors for basically every type of lens you can think of. I have personally used their B4 to Micro Four Thirds adaptor, and the Nikon G to Micro Four Thirds adaptor with my AF101 a few years back, and I can only say good things about them. They are very solid and extremely well-designed.

You can’t really compare cheap adaptor with these, there is just no contest. Zero play and precise mounting on both sides of the adaptors I’ve used. So, it goes without saying over here at 4K Shooters, we’re pretty excited to hear that MFT Services are doing lens mount adaptors for the 4K AJA Cion.

AJA has been testing prototypes of the lens adaptors this week the adapters are entering production this week. Delivery times at this point, are estimated towards the end of July and pre-orders opened on July 4th. Visit the dedicated MFT Services Lens Adaptor site for more information.

MFT adaptor Cion

Nikon G to AJA Cion adaptor by MFT Services

Canon EF Electronic Mount to AJA Cion (with the aperture control unit)

Canon EF Electronic Mount to AJA Cion (with the aperture control unit)

The MFT adaptors for the AJA Cion and respective prices are listed below:

  • Nikon G (and Non-G) Lens Mount/Adaptor – £445 + VAT
  • Canon EF Lens Mount/Adaptor – £415 + VAT (dumb, for mechanical aperture lenses)
  • Canon EF (electronic) Lens Mount/Adaptor – £460 + VAT (requires an aperture control unit, sold separately)
  • Canon FD Lens Mount/Adaptor – £415.00
  • Optical B4 Lens Mount/Adaptor package – £1350.00
  • ARRI Bayonet Lens Mount/Adaptor – £630.00

So if you are in the market for an AJA Cion, we’d love to hear what your thoughts are on these new adapters. What lenses are you planning on using with the AJA Cion? For me at this point the AJA Cion is a rental option only, but I have some really nice EF lenses and some Nikon mount lenses, which I’d love to try on the new 4K camera from AJA.

As the Cion’s keep hitting the shelves later this Summer, there will probably be other lens adaptor manufacturers, who will be offering similar adaptor options, and until then we’ll keep you updated when tests and reviews of the MFT Services Cion adaptors come out.

[via Cinescopophilia & RedSharkNews]

[Link – MFT Services]

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