Sony A7s Reviews Round-up Plus New S-Log2 Footage & High ISO Comparison Video

Here’s our latest A7s Reviews round-up featuring interesting insights into both the stills and the video side of things. Check them out below.

1. Sony A7s Review and Low Light Comparison Video by 3D Kraft

A7s vs A7r 4K Shooters

This review compares the A7S with the higher resolution A7R model for both stills and video. Here’s a summary of their findings:

  • Sony A7s has more dynamic range in images shot at high ISO’s – 12,800 compared to the A7R, despite the R model’s 3 x more megapixels
  • Sensor on the A7s optimised for high ISO shooting situations in both stills and video
  • A7R may have the edge over the A7s in lower ISO situations for stills due to the higher megapixel count (36MP vs 12MP on the A7s)
  • A7s – Absolutely incredible low-light performance for both stills and video

High ISO, Low light test Comparison video between the A7s and A7R:

  • The A7s benefits greatly from the S-Log2 gamma curve. It is the first consumer camera to feature a professional gamma curve such as Keep in mind shooting in S-Log2 requires a minimum ISO of 3,200 and a good understanding of grading Log footage in Resolve or other professional grading software. A simple S-curve, won’t do the job here.
  • Choose a non-Log picture profile to save on post-production time and shoot at lower ISO’s.
  • 8bit internal video and 8bit output maybe a downside, but the 4K HDMI Shogun recorder from Atomos will turn the 8bit 4K output into a 10bit 4:2:2 ProRes, which then can be converted to a 1080p 10bit 4:4:4 footage for pristine HD quality after some de-noising.

For the full A7s review by 3D kraft hit the link on their name above.

2. Sony A7s: All About the Gear review from

Enjoy an almost hour long discussion on the Sony A7s by Frederick Van Johnson and Doug Kaye. They discuss the validity and relevance of a low-light optimised 12MP sensor today, as well as the 4K video out of the camera as on option.

3. Sony A7s Review by The Photoblographer:

The Photoblographer’s reivew of the A7s is focused mainly on the still’s side, but let’s not forget that the A7s can produce stunning photographs, and not just mouth-watering video.

Photoblographer A7s 4k shooters

Here’s a short summary of his findings:

  • Pros of the A7s

– The best high ISO results of any camera that we’ve ever seen to date. A wake-up call for Canon and Nikon.
– Greatest looking image noise that we’ve seen
– Excellent autofocusing abilities; right up there with Olympus
– Super versatile RAW image files
– For the first time, you can shoot at a high ISO, stopped down to f8 and beyond, and get a usable shutter speed for street photography
– WiFi transmission
– Great for videographers
– Silent shutter mode is deadly quiet

  • Cons of the A7s

– We really wish that there were a thumb joystick for moving the focusing point easier like with the A77 Mk II and A99
– Weather sealing would be better than splash and dust proof
– Video button in a weird position
– Some sort of switch to change the focusing type from single to continuous would have been a nice addition
– We’ve been spoiled by having more megapixels and therefore more details

Check out his full review at the link above.

And here’s some fresh S-log 2 footage from the A7s courtesy of YouTube user Teak H Son.

Sony A7s Indoor test footage, shoot with ISO3200, S-log2, 24fps, Nikon 35mm F2.0(Old Lens)
Edited with Premiere Pro CS6 + Film Convert Pro 2.0

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