How to Set Up and Balance a DJI Ronin

Setting up the DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal reminds me of the old days when many of us (myself included) were trying to balance our 5D mark II or 7D on a Glidecam and the results were not always as what we expected.

Of course, the 3-axis gimbals are a way better now. They are more advanced tools in terms of build quality, reliability and efficiency. However, as any other new gadget, we need some time and practice before we master and balance those tools on the fly.

In this video from Aerial Media Pros we’ll see how to set up a DJI Ronin in less than 10 minutes.

After balancing a camera rig,  you need to simply tap the Auto Tune Stability button to tune the Ronin for use. It will intelligently adjust parameters based on your camera rig’s weight and independently adjust each individual axis until an optimal setting is found. Auto Tune Stability also fine-tunes other aspects of the control system, making balancing fast and easy.

What we really can learn from this video is that, like any other tool, DJI Ronin needs patience and time to practice. This is definitely not a gadget that you just take out of the box, put your camera on and start flying. You’ll need some more time to spend with it, gain more confidence and experience as well. The results that could be achieved over time could be astounding.

The next video will show us what gimbals like DJI Ronin are really capable of.

Just try to imagine how much time, money and other resources one would need in order to get a shot like this in the past for instance. Today you can achieve this with a small crew, the gimbal and with any current DSLR. The long takes from our favourite movies like Goodfellas, Kill Bill, Children of Men and many others doesn’t seem impossible to be accomplished anymore. It’s insane what we can really do with those tools now.

The behind the scenes footage is even more appealing, at least to me. This is how the guys from DJI Ronin did manage to pull these shots off.

It is really exiting to be a filmmaker nowadays. Sure, you still need a lot of experience, really good story, great ideas, vision and talent to produce a movie. Just imagine how many options we have now with the ability to access those gimbals at a reasonable price. We have covered many of the current 3-axis gimbals on the market here and here.

Even those of us who still treat filmmaking as a hobby now can achieve astounding professional results with tools like DJI Ronin. If you still wonder if you really need one of those gimbals think about the freedom and the possibilities you  can have with one of those tools.

Now, you can even make a whole feature film on a single shot with those gimbals while you operate them with your Iphone. Sure, a lot of planning and hard work still would be involved, but this is an option that definitely deserve consideration.

Guys, which is your favourite 3-axis gimbal on the market at the moment? Do you plan to buy one or you prefer to rent and test it in the first place?

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