12 Cameras Test Part III: Arri Alexa, Red Epic Dragon 6K, Blackmagic 4K, KineRaw Mini, GH4, 5D Mark III & More

Earlier this week, we showed you the massive 12 Cameras Test which compared colour graded footage shot in 6K/4K/2K/1080p from 12 of the most popular cameras for professional film, TV, and commercial/music video production.

The test was split into two sections – first blind footage from all cameras shooting the same scene under equal conditions, and then in the second part they revealed the answers.

The ARRI Alexa was the reference camera of choice.

The cameras chosen for the test were:

The 12 Cameras Test was done by in Warsaw by Tomasz Wolski & Szymon Lenkowski PSC for FilmPRO magazine & FILM CYFROWY portal under the patronage of The Polish Society of Cinematographers.

The guys at Film Cyfrowy just shared Part III of their test – which includes the ungraded footage and some of the mistakes they made in performing the test.

12 CAMERAS TEST – PART III – “THE DAY” – UNGRADED FOOTAGE from Film Cyfrowy on Vimeo.

Our goal was not to point out the winner or the loser. We just wanted to put these camera next to each other and to see how the images look together. We had only one day to make this test. Definitely too short, but it’s good to have something than nothing at all. Because of this rush and rather challenging circumstances, we did some mistakes in the “12 Camera Test”.

12 Cameras test Gh4 4k shooters

A few things, they wanted to point out as either a mistake, what they could have done better:

  • The Canon 1DC was set to an incorrect White Balance. As the 1DC doesn’t shoot CinemaDNG raw, the white balance couldn’t be repaired in post fully, but even though they decided not to skip the 1DC test
  • The KineRAW Mini has advanced ISO setting for better results in highlights rendition and precisely – ISO MODE – HIGHLIGHTS FOR ISO MODE, however they had the camera for only a couple of days and didn’t get that far in the settings.
  • Panasonic GH4 – As the test was done in May 2014, it was first GH4 in Poland and they received it one day before the test, which did not give them enough time to go through and test the massively extensive settings on the GH4. Could have achieved a flatter image if they’d had a few more days with the camera.
  • On the ARRI Alexa takes – the actress was sitting closer to the camera than in the other takes with the rest of the camera.

Despite the above, we dig this test as it was quite interesting to see how certain cameras looked like the KineRaw Mini for example shooting the same scene as an Arri Alexa or a Red Epic Dragon. Hope to see some new test from Film Cyfrowy soon, and we’d be sure to let you know as soon as they are released.

What do you guys think if this test? Surprised by how well the GH4 held up against “bigger” cameras? We’d love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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