Are We Going to See a New Sony (FS700 Mark II?) 4K XAVC Super-Slow Motion Camera at IBC?

There were many rumours flying around the Web in the past few weeks about a new Sony 4K camera “expected” to be unveiled at IBC less than two weeks away. As one would expect, in a world of perpetual portable capture devices and social media, it has been extremely difficult for camera equipment manufacturers to safeguard images & details about new camera releases prior their announcements at major industry forum such as IBC 2014. The Amsterdam hosted industry event is the largest professional broadcast and video gathering in Europe, or as we like to call it – “Euro NAB”. In recent weeks, Sony has been at the tip of everyone’s tongue in the professional video world, much thanks to their constant “conveyer-belt” release strategy flooding the market with new 4K cameras (hey, we’re not complaining, the more the better, just saying Sony are on a roll this year!) as well as the recent “F5 Internal 4K loop-hole” courtesy of seasoned UK Cameraman Paul Ream.

And earlier today, posted a leaked photo of what appears to be a new Sony 4K XAVC camera billed as “the NEX-FS700” replacement, thus spoiling a possible IBC announcement for Sony.

Sony FS700 Mark II replacement 4K XAVC 4K Shooters

First off, as we’ve said before, we are are NOT a rumours site, and we tend to post rumours about new gear only if they seem to be legit, and this one fits the bill. It is rated SR5 – the highest rating given by SonyAlphaRumors, estimated by them to be “almost certainly correct”. 

From the looks of the shoddy smartphone photo above we can identify a Sony branded 4K XAVC camera with a couple of Japanese dudes in shirts, one of which sports a dark coloured lanyard (probably a SONY branded one too, we just can’t tell from the quality of the image) explaining probably features to someone.

Here’s a summary of what we can see so far from the photo above:

  • 4K XAVC (on-board possibly)
  • XQD dual slots
  • S&Q – slow-motion button
  • Full-auto
  • Built-in ND filters (similar to the grey F55 knob)
  • PXW-X160/180-like top handle (with the grey rubber grip)
  • A viewfinder bracket
  • Typical Sony style audio level dials
  • Servo zoom control & 18-200mm zoom means an E-mount
  • ENG Ergonomics – undercarriage shoulder plate/OP side buttons
  • XDCAM badge!

the “old” FS700 rigged

No massive PL zoom lenses in the photo, hence definitely an E-mount camera. However, the last feature – the XDCAM badge is something to pay attention to, as the NEX-FS700 is an NXCAM family camera, and XDCAM is a step-up into the Pro line. I don’t know if this camera will replace the FS700, but from the photo and rumoured specs, I think it sit between the NEX-FS700 and the PMW-F5, but it certainly makes for some crazy specs. Sony is gunning for the C100/C300 range with a very robust on-board 10bit codec and 4K!

Slow-motion recording is rumoured at up to some (crazy) 180fps continuous although details whether this will be in 4K or lower resolutions, or whether it will be internal (doubt it) or external via a Sony recorder/Odyssey 7Q (if they support it) is yet to be determined. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for 4K Raw at this stage, as this is $30,000+ F55 and $70,000+ F65 flagship territory. 4K XAVC internally up to 60fps will do the job for this range camera. My guess is the 180fps will be limited to 2K/1080p.

Rumour is Sony may price this below or around the $10,000 mark, and if that happens they may have a very popular camera, as on-board 4K XAVC (10bit 4:2:2) & Super slow-motion is a combo made in heaven.

[via SonyAlphaRumors]

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