Movi M5, M10 and M15 Gimbals Get A Cool Accessory Called The Movi Ring

The Movi M10 from Seattle-based Freefly Systems was one of the first 3-axis brushless gimbals that hit the market back in the end of 2013.

Instantly, M10 has turned into a flagship product that amazed the world with the freedom, creativity and the infinite set of smooth camera movements it brought into filmmakers’ hands.

The device uses a gyro-stabilized, 3-axis gimbal system to help keep video tracking shots looking smooth as silk, even when the camera operator is moving quickly.

Later, many other manufacturers joined the party, introducing similar products using the same technology, but at a more affordable price.

Now, we can hardly imagine how we could produce any of those long smooth professional shots without using devices such as DJI-Ronin, Movi M5, M10, M15, AllSteady 5 or 7, GCAM, Defy G2 etc. Before brushless gimbals, a Steadicam would be required or a similar type of stabiliser, which often required hired an experienced Steadicam operator, which adds on cost to you productions.

Steadicam ops charge a fair amount of change for a reason – they are very well trained and produce incredible results. It’s really hard work, hence the premium for their services. However, the new generation of 3-axis gimbals allows filmmakers with virtually no prior experience to fly them in no time.

As more and more 3-axis stabilizers are been released, more and more accessroies for them are hitting the shelves as well.

The first one that we definitely should take into consideration is the MōVI Ring recently released by Freefly Systems.


The MōVI Ring looks slick and sturdy with excellent build-in quality. It is made of rigid carbon fiber and has a hoop-shaped frame designed to enhance ergonomic handling of MōVI stabilizers. It can be easily attached to MōVI through the standard T-bar and handles. Thus, the MōVI Ring helps the operator deftly hold the MōVI in any position from just off the ground to high overhead. This new accessory is especially useful when a camera move requires the MōVI to be handed from one operator to another in the situations where a very long and complex smooth shots has to be executed.

The MōVI Ring is designed and can be flawlessly attached to any of the M5, M10 or M15 gimbals.

This is what the Freefly Systems President Tabb Firchau explains about the new Movi Ring:

We’ve found that MōVI operators are doing a lot of handoffs with the MōVI and the MōVI Ring offers both the operator handing it off and the one receiving it a way to have two points of contact that provide great stability. We’ve seen it used in a lot of action sports shooting, including one situation where an operator launches himself off huge ski jumps and uses the MōVI Ring to hold the MōVI while orienting his body in midair for an upright landing.

Installing the MōVI Ring is quick and easy and can be used in conjunction with Freefly’s Toad In The Hole Quick Release system. Toad In The Hole is a lightweight, low profile quick release unit that provides an easy mount and release solution for MōVI stabilizers.

The MōVI Ring has a suggested retail price of $299.00 , and is available at and through Freefly Systems’ dealers worldwide.


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