Panasonic EVA1 5.7K ProRes RAW Comes to the Atomos Shogun Inferno!

After just recently updating their Sumo19 HDR monitor/recorder with the 5.7K ProRes Raw recoding support (link to our post here), Atomos are now releasing AtomOS 9.1 for the Shogun Inferno – enabling the 7-inch flagship to do the same – that is record 5.7K Raw from the Panasonic EVA1 via 6G-SDI in ProRes Raw. Sadly, there is no CinemaDNG recording option for this max resolution that the EVA1 outputs, so if you are a FCP X user, then you can definitely take advantage of this new and exciting recording format.

At the moment DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro are yet to adopt support for Apple ProRes Raw, which will hopefully (and eventually) come to these platforms. When this happens (and if it does) it is difficult to estimate.


Atomos Shogun Inferno 5.7K Raw

AtomOS 9.1 for Shogun Inferno Details: 

  • Panasonic EVA1 5.7K ProRes Raw
    • Frame rates supported: 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
    • Recording is supported for ProRes RAW only.
  • Automatic HDR configuration in playback
    • When playing a movie recorded with AtomHDR monitoring enabled all HDR settings will be automatically restored to match the settings when recording was started.
    • Select the “Auto HDR” button to enable this feature.

Download AtomOS 9.1 for Shogun Inferno here.

Panasonic EVA1 5.7K ProRes Raw Atomos

Images by Atomos

There are lots of Windows PC-based Panasonic EVA1 users, who naturally use Premiere Pro CC and Resolve for editing and grading, so leaving them out (for the moment) with the 5.7K Raw functionality, which does require the more compressed and efficient ProRes Raw instead of CinemaDNG, is not a dig at Panasonic or Atomos per-se, but more of a “stating the obvious” – this is a temporary unfortunate side effect of the inherent non-compatibility between different platforms brought upon by competing fiscal interests.

Call it an Apple vs. PC, Premiere vs. Final Cut Pro X, or whatever debate; the fact that Atomos – an external recorder manufacturer who have played a big part in the development of the new ProRes Raw format, is a huge win (for all of us) that deserves to be recognized – as there is a huge need for a more uniform standard in the “RAW” world.

This, in my humble opinion, is specially true in the the ever-growing “content creator”/one-man-band/lower-to-mid-tier segment, basically everyone that wants RAW, but does not own a RED or is not a post-production facility. Which is the majority of enthusiast and pro video users. Yes, there is a Canon C200 out there with its special Raw codec, which apparently is very good, but you get my point.

While there are many YouTube channels and small production companies using RED cameras and their very popular REDCODE RAW codec – giving users a more accessible form of Raw that can be edited easily just like normal ProRes has a vast potential. There is a reason why ProRes became such a widely adopted pro-format across the globe. And ProRes RAW may follow suit, but for this to happen on a wider scale, a much wider support is needed – mainly from NLE makers – I am looking at you Adobe.

Make it happen – ProRes RAW to Premiere Pro CC. Stat.

Apparently it is under consideration at Adobe – you can even vote for it here on the official Adobe forum/thing. And you should.

As for the 5.7K Raw out of the EVA1 being restricted to ProRes Raw (at least for the moment, it is possible technically that another manufacturer that makes recorders can manage a CinemaDNG or similar format, but that IMHO is highly unlikely due to the data throughput and recording medium), yeah – that is a bit of a bummer – and something that PC users and EVA1 owners have voiced as legit concerns on DVXuser – follow thread here for more info.

As far as Panasonic goes – I do agree with the sentiment that they delivered on what they advertised – a 5.7K Raw output out of the EVA1, however it being supported by a format that is only supported by one – very restrictive MacOS based NLE is not really cool.

I understand that they don’t have much control over that, but in all honesty Panasonic and Atomos should really band together and known on Adobe’s door for immediate ProRes Raw support in Premiere – thus enabling a big chunk of EVA1 owners to join in on the fun and sell more camera and external recorders in the process. Win-Win.

Sorry if this turned into a bit of rant, it certainly was not my intention. It was intended as a non-destructive/non-biased reality check.

So, what do you guys think of the whole EVA1 5.7K Raw is really only in ProRes Raw? Hands up in the comments if you are a Premiere Pro user and you want ProRes Raw. As a fellow Premiere Pro user I want it too.

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