How to Properly Set Up The “Eyelighter” Curved Reflector

The Eyelighter is the world’s first curved reflector for portrait photographers and photography enthusiasts. However, it can also be quite efficient when used by videographers in different situations such as commercial shoots, interviews, documentaries, indoor dialogue scenes, etc.Created by the portrait photographer Larry Peters and Westcott Company as the perfect solution for high contrast reflective lighting, the Eyelighter is made from an aluminium lightweight frame, that’s equally light and robust. It is designed with a reflective, surface area and is curved to imitate the human eye. This ends up with stunning clamshell lighting and distinctive catch lights in the eyes. Usually, the curved aluminum frame sets underneath your model or talent, simultaneously opening shadows and delivering a catch light in top-lit or butterfly lights configurations.

In the video below we’ll see how to assemble an Eyelighter in a few quick and easy steps.

Due to its curved form, Eyelighter should be placed in a particular way to give you optimal results while shooting video or taking stills.First and foremost, your main light source should be tilted down towards the Eyelighter and your talent. Secondly, make sure you also tilt the Eyelighter towards the object in a frame slightly. To achieve the best possible results, an optimal distance of 30 inches should be set between the curved reflector and your talent.
From the position of the object you shoot you should be able to see that the light coming from your main source is filling evenly the Eyelighter’s surface. It is essential to use a larger softbox or any other light source with some sort of diffuser in front that would give you a descent soft light for both your talent and the reflector. In the video below Larry Peters will give us some useful tips and tricks on how to properly set up the Eyelighter.

As we can see the Eyelighter is a versatile and unique reflector that could provide formidable professional results by adding more production value to your video or photo sessions. It can be used as a great alternative of the conventional reflectors and could be successfully implemented on various productions such as music videos, fashion shoots, or commercial sets. This innovative tool not only provides pristine catch lights, but also reflects a stunning, clamshell lighting and definitely would make your work stand out.

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