Fotodiox Pro B4 Magic Adapter for BMPCC Lets You Use Broadcast Zoom B4 2/3″ Lenses on Your Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera offer significant versatility not only because of its small footprint, but also because of the active Micro 4/3 mount, which has an inherent short flange distance making it possible for shooters to adapt almost any non-M4/3 lenses to the camera via adapters. Metabones have their Speed Booster, which reduces the crop on the BMPCC and makes adapted lenses sharper and wider, but that’s for mostly Canon and Nikon stills primes and zoom lenses.

B4 mount 2/3 inch type ENG lenses on the other hand offer more options in terms of range, servo zoom and focus with supplied power, for smoother transition between focal lengths. You’ve seen these lenses on big shoulder mount TV cameras, but they’ve also made their way onto smaller larger sensor cameras like the BMCC and now Fotodiox has an adapter for the tiny Pocket camera as well.


Here’s more from Fotodiox about their new B4 Magic Adapter for the BMPCC:

The B4 Magic Lens Adapter is an all brass adapter with built-in optics to correct your B4 lens’ image to align with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera’s sensor. There is no vignetting, even when the lens is zoomed out all the way. The B4 Magic Lens Adapter features a built in tripod foot with an integrated Arca-Swiss quick-release compatible base. Like other teleconverters, the optics built into the B4 Magic Lens Adapter will reduce the light hitting your sensor up to 1-stop.

The adapter also comes with a B4 Magic Lens Adapter Cap; this custom all-metal cap fits on the front of the B4 Magic Lens Adapter. B4 body caps are exceedingly rare, so we created one to keep the optics of the B4 Magic Lens Adapter safe when you remove your B4 lens.


  • Offers the creative flexibility of a powered zoom lens for a fraction of the price of similar options
  • Fotodiox Pro Premium Grade “No Play” Adapter, Infinity Focus Guaranteed
  • Premium quality brass construction with a smooth surface for effortless mounting
  • Take advantage of the typical 15x and 20x zoom lengths to be even more flexible with camera placement
  • 24-Month Manufacturer Warranty

B4 Magic adapter on BMPCC

Once you mount a powered zoom on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera with the PowerLynx kit, it opens a whole new world of dramatic cinematography. Create a smooth & slow creeping zoom into a subject to heighten drama, keep up with your subject at fast-moving live events like sports or rock concerts, take advantage of typical 15x and 20x zoom lengths for more camera placement flexibility… the list goes on and on.

Once you source a B4 lens, adding the B4 Magic Adapter will you allow to mount a ENG zoom lens onto your Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. Go handheld, mount the camera on a rig or tripod, and you’re ready to add the creative possibilities of a zoom lens onto your Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Lens Technical Requirements: B4 mount designed for 2/3″ sensor – look for better grade lens that resolves to HD resolutions. Impossible to list them all here. Even in the SD era, there are lenses that resolve to HD quality. A little research will uncover numerous lens bargains on the secondary market. You can easily find B4 lenses on eBay, B&H, Craigslist and practically anywhere that sells used video production gear, with prices commonly starting as low as $100.The B4 Magic Lens Adapter is designed to work with lenses set to f5.6 and greater, (most B4 lenses are optimized for best focus at f5.6 and greater). Please be aware that shooting below f/5.6 may result in soft focus depending on your lens.I think this adapter is a neat idea. I’ve experimented in the past with B4 adapters on my Panasonic AF101 and a Canon J17 lens. The B4 to MFT adapter I used back then was by MTF Services, based in the UK, and was a really solid unit. The problem was the lens – which was standard def and even with the 2x extender was still soft in the corners and would vignette slightly in the corners on the wide angles. Also once you open up to about F/4 or below, it was really muddy and soft. For these type of lenses, you need to source a solid HD B4 lens, which even in the 2nd hand market nowadays can cost over $1,000-2,000 even more depending on the condition and features and at that price it’s a steal. New they’d retail for anything between $10K-$15K even more.

Also with this adapter shooting at f5.6 on the BMPCC, which is not a fast camera and needs plenty of light to get the best out of it, if you’re planning to go ahead with such a setup, you’d need plenty of light so probably best to think of using it mostly in sunny exteriors. In addition, because of the corrective optics inside the adapter, a loss of at least 1 stop of light occurs, which is normal for these type of adapters, and can be even more than a stop.

Also note that this version is only for the BMPCC, and won’t work on other Micro 4/3 cameras like the BMCC or the GH4.

The adapter comes in two kits:

  • B4 Magic Adapter at a promo price of $249.95 (regular price $399.95) 
  • Pro PowerLynx Kit (6 Pin) – comes with a battery for motorized zoom control. Currently at a promo price of $349.95 (regular price $499.95)

[via Erik Naso]

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