A Dirt Cheap External Battery Power Solution for the Sony A7s

Dirt cheap DIY solutions often can be a great substitute for the more expensive and bulky ones that you can find on the market these days. They can be more efficient and definitely can give you plenty bang for your buck. Recently, we’ve covered an inexpensive solution on how to use your trusted LP-E6 batteries to power up your Sony A7s. Using this cheap LP-E6 battery set up will give you between 2 and 3 hours worth of time on a single battery charge while shooting with the A7s.

Today we are going to cover even cheaper and more affordable alternative using the trays of some old generic battery chargers by converting them to an external battery power solution for the Sony A7s. You can use this method to utilize Canon LP-E6 batteries to power your Sony A7s, or even Sony NP-F style batteries that also will provide more power for your camera than the original Sony NP-FW 50 batteries which usually will give only an hour of running time.

Everything you’re going to need for this set up is a Dummy Battery for the A7s, an old generic charger for LP-E6 or Sony NP-F style batteries, a Barrel Connector, and a Soldering Iron. The cleaner way to do this would be just to solder the positive and negative wires of the dummy battery directly to the battery plate, but if you still want the option to use an AC Wall adapter you need to add a Male plug to the battery plate. This is how to finished setup looks like:


Again, you can use velcro to attach the battery plate to your A7s rig. Just connect the LP-E6 mount plate with the AC adapter, put the dummy battery in the A7s and your are ready to go. Be aware, though, that this set up might now work with other compact cameras as the voltage of the LP-E6 (7.2 Volts) batteries might be different with the one you will need to power some of other cameras.

In this particular case, the voltage of the original Sony A7s batteries is about the same as the Canon, so you should be able to power the A7s flawlessly. The set up with a Sony NPF-970 (6300mah) will give you even more power, and you’ll be able to pull 6-8 hours from a single battery charge.

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