The Ghost V3 Handheld Gimbal For $995 Exclusive to Earlybird Kickstarter Backers

3-axis handheld gimbals for smaller cameras such as the Panasonic GH4, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera the Sony A7s and the good old Canon 5D Mark III are getting quite a lot of traction lately. With less weight that needs to be carried comes lower cost, and the folks at Spaulding International Cinema are soon going to be taking their Ghost V3 handheld gimbal camera stabiliser to Kickstarter for a round of crowdfunding, and are giving some crazy perks to the first five people to support their campaign.

The lucky first 5 backers will receive the lightweight Ghost V3 for only $995 – a massive $500 off the expected selling price of $1,500. Given the fact that similar gimbal stabiliser systems range are about $2K like the Varavon Birdycam 2, and the newly redesigned Defy G2x, the Ghost V3 can be a sensible option for more budget oriented shooters.


We will be launching our Kickstarter next week. We cannot tell you the exact day we are going live, however, the first 5 people to donate will receive the Ghost V3 for less than $1000. We have a lot of other awesome rewards as well. Every kickstarter gimbal will be significantly lower than retail price, so stay tuned for more…

The company recently finished developing the Ghost V3 prototype and will be seeking to raise funds for production through Kickstarter. The Ghost V3 uses a patent pending mini rail system for adjusting each axis, and is light enough to allow the operator to run with it all day. The rails can be changed out for different sizes, so you can balance any size camera.


The Ghost V3 will support camera/lens combos of up to 5 pounds as the goal is to keep everything lightweight therefore motors with lower torque are used. For shooters that need to support a heavier camera, Spaulding International Cinema also make the Ghost Pro II, which can support up to 12lb but is more expensive at $3,995.

Here’s a few promos shot on Ghost gimbals:

Features of the Ghost V3

* Redesigned motors with built-in encoders – The built in encoders have the following advantages:

  • Prevents motors from losing synchronization and skipping steps. The motors will always return to the intended position.
  • Provides information about frame and camera angle.
  • Significantly decreases power consumption by using field-oriented control strategy to drive motors. This allows you to use a smaller battery or increases your run time on the current battery.
  • Increases instant torque.
  • Provides possibility to get information about the camera balance.
  • Option to adjust camera position by hands.
  • Increases the precision of stabilization by applying field-orientated control.

Adjustment_markings_large* Adjustment marks to get the gimbal balanced perfectly every time.
* Threaded Rods for easy replacement or swapping out sizes.
* Adjustable on either side of the motor to get the perfect length
* New controller with built-in bluetooth
* Multiple quick releases, including QR camera plate
* Auto Calibrate
* Inverted Mode
* Follow Mode

To learn more about the Ghost V3 and the other gimbals they offer, head over here.

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