ARRI ALEXA Mini on a Selfie Stick…Come On…Really?

Come on, you’ve gotta be kidding me! Who will ever dare to put a camera costing more than $35,000 on a selfie stick? This is some kind of a joke, right? Well, obviously, it’s not. Moreover, it brings some crazy ideas on how to use a high-end digital camera in more innovative and unconventional ways for some of your next projects.

The only thing you have to do, though, besides buying or hiring the camera itself of course, is finding a really experienced Selfie Stick Operator. If you are wondering where to find such a person or how to evaluate his personal skill set and experience I think the following video may give you some of the answers.

ARRI ALEXA Mini – The Selfie Stick from Anders Holck on Vimeo.

After I’ve seen how Chris Nolan utilised a 70mm IMAX camera in a GoPro style for his latest flick Interstellar, nothing can surprise me anymore, yet it was interesting to see what it would be like to shoot some selfies using the ARRI ALEXA Mini, even just for a test.

I’m sure that everyone of us have already seen a commercial or any other type of production where a similar rig with a high-end camera mounted on it has already been used for this type of POV shots, so I suppose Andres Holck who actually shot the above video is not the first one who tried to do something similar as I’m also pretty convinced he won’t be the last one.

Which again brings us back to the point, how far the contemporary camera technology has come. The greatest thing of all, however, is the fact that now we can achieve even the boldest and the most challenging and even impossible shots that we ever dare to imagine. The gap between imagination and reality in terms of filmmaking is narrowing so fast that it’s mind-boggling and game-changing.

Whether you are going to put an ARRI ALEXA Mini or RED WEAPON on a selfie stick or use an array of Sony A7S cameras for an extremely low light shooting for the most immersive VR experience ever the choice is yours. Just go out and shoot it!

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