Canon Announces New Lenses for Cinema and Broadcast Cameras

Although Canon’s new bread and butter is their RF mirrorless line, the company is still supporting EF-mount cinema cameras for the professional space. With that commitment ongoing, the company has announced a new set of flexible zoom cinema lenses that are as fast as they are wide.

They’ve also announced a new broadcast-style lens for ENG and television cameras that is sure to grab all the action, even from a distance.

First on the list is Canon’s new FlexZoom Cinema Lens line. Designed for full-frame and large-format motion picture cameras, the CN-E20-50, and CN-E45-135mm T2.4 F/FP zoom lenses are built with a high-level optical design with ultra high definition image capture at their core.

Image Credit – Canon

Though built with a wide-angle zoom and telephoto zoom respectively, both the 20-50 and 45-135 zooms enjoy a constant aperture of T2.4 rating, giving them all the performance of a prime lens, while covering the focal length of all six prime lenses in Canon’s focal range.

The constant aperture array provides great bokeh and depth of field while maintaining natural light and color in wide dynamic range environments.

The lenses have an optical configuration of lens elements that include large-aperture aspherical lenses, and anomalous dispersion glass elements to reduce chromatic aberration and color fringing, making them the ideal pairing for cameras shooting at 8K and above.

Image Credit – Canon

Furthermore, the lenses support Canon’s EF mount data transmission and are compatible with Cooke/i technology for recording relevant metadata such as focus, zoom, aperture, and lens information.

The Canon CN-E20-50mm T2.4 L F/FP wide-angle zoom will be available in June of 2022, while the CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 L F/FP telephoto zoom will hit the market in early September. Both are expected to have an estimated retail price of around $22,000.


Meanwhile, on the television camera end, Canon has announced the ultra high definition UHD-DIGISUPER 122 AF zoom lens. With a focal length of 122x (the equivalent of 8.2mm-1000mm) Canon’s new flagship zoom is designed for 2/3” 4K sensor broadcast cameras and is the company’s first high definition broadcast lens to come with autofocus.

Canon has also designed a built-in 2x teleconverter which can double that lens range while keeping the image sharp and in focus. Autofocus will make the DIGISUPER ideal for on-location capture of sports, concerts, and other live-action news events, and will do so in 4K.

The autofocus can rapidly grab and focus on subjects, even at the far end of its focal length, and track fast-moving objects while keeping them sharp and locked in.

Image Credit – Canon

Canon is also introducing two focus demand accessories, the FDJ0S31, and FDJS41, which can provide focus control for other autofocus-equipped broadcast lenses.

The accessories provide support for switching between three different frame sizes, moving within the frame, and switching between multiple AF modes and curves.

There’s no word on pricing for the UHD DIGISUPER or the FDJ accessories just yet, but they will be available in early July of 2022.

Both Canon’s new cinematic and broadcast lines of lenses will be showcased at NAB from April 24th-27th.

[source: Canon]

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