Take Your Car Action Shots To the Next Level With the RigMount XL Camera Gimbal Mount

Filming immersive car action scenes with numerous cameras attached to fast-moving vehicles has always been an integrated part of every high-octane car chasing sequence. Yet, capturing these shots has been quite challenging and resource-intensive task for the majority of filmmakers. Suction cup systems tend to lose their holding power over time, plus you always need to secure them if you really want your equipment to make it throughout the shoot.

Fortunately, the U.S. based company RigWheels mainly known for their excellent rigging filmmaking tools comes with an interesting solution that provides even more efficiency and effectiveness when filming this type of action events. One of their latest products the RigMount XL is a robust mounting platform designed for mounting brushless gimbals on a variety of vehicles by utilising strong magnetic plates.

RigMount Magnetic Camera Mounts from RigWheels on Vimeo.

No matter of the type of your production one of the most valuable assets that you will have at your disposal always will be time. Finding more practical solutions that will save your time and respectively your money and other valuable resources is a must. Providing a simple and intuitive way of rigging, the RigMount XL Camera Gimbal Mount can be easily attached to any metal surface.

Furthermore, the tool comes with a wide stance which is ideal for the higher center of gravity that also helps distribute the weight of the gimbal and camera over a greater area. You can also have the option to mount larger cameras without a gimbal. Once attached this system will never lose its holding power, something that you might experience with the suction cup systems occasionally.


The best part is that you can configure the  RigMount XL in a handful of ways depending on the shot you’re trying to get and the surface you’re mounting to. It’s worth mentioning that each of the magnets provides up to 50lbs of pulling force which means that in a standard configuration with eight of these the system will ensure 400lbs of pulling force which is quite an impressive achievement.

As expected, the magnets are rubber coated to protect the mounting surface. Additionally, they can be screwed in or out of the arms of the device. The RigMount XL is flexible enough that you can attach it to almost every surface of the vehicle, even on places where using the conventional suction cups simply won’t work.


On every Rig Mount XL, you can use up to 20 magnets with the mounting holes in the RigPlate and Arms thus providing up to whopping 1000lbs of pulling force. For occasions where suction mounting is necessary, you can utilise the industrial grade A-Cups instead. Keep in mind, though, that suction mounting can take more time to rig than the magnetics and needs to be more closely monitored to ensure that suction is maintaining enough holding power.

Depending on the different configurations the retail price options of the RigMount XL are ranging from $350 to $750. For more information about the Rig Wheel products head over to the company’s official website.

[via: Wolf Crow, source: Rig Wheels]

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