Wireless App Bug Unlocks V-Log L on the Panasonic GH4 For Free!

Not sure if an oversight on some programmer’s part, or an intentional Easter Egg built into the latest firmware 2.3 for the GH4, but here’s how you can get V-Log L on your GH4 for free. Folks in the US can already buy the $99 license key (yes, for those are still confused about what exactly V-Log L update entails – it is a license key to unlock the V-Log L gamma in your camera), however those in Europe and the rest of the world will have to wait for the incremental roll out of the paid upgrade, or buy the GH4R version of the camera with V-Log L already installed and no recording time limited in the EU, which was previously 29 mins per file.

Earlier today someone discovered a bug in the wireless app for the Panasonic GH4 which unlocks the V-Log L picture profile and lets you use it even if you don’t use the app afterwards. There’s is a thread on Reddit about it, as well as a thread on EOSHD.com and the Panasonic GH4 User group on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 18.51.37


  1. Perform the firmware 2.3 update (Download here for free)
  2. Connect with the Image App
  3. Go to picture profile and set V-LOG L.
  4. Save V-LOG to C1 because else you will have to repeat the whole thing again.
  5. Not sure for how long this will work. Don’t update the image app or they might remove it!

Here’s also an instruction video by Daniel Norris

Although this is quite simple to do, it’s hardly a hack and more of an app bug, but nonetheless it may change someone’s life. And I mean that in the sense that someone at Panasonic may get into serious trouble over this and lose their job, which is never fun. So with this said – download at your own risk – it may brick your camera or void your warranty. Some users report it works like a charm, however I don’t  have a GH4 to test.



We at 4K Shooters are not encouraging the use of this bug/error/Easter Egg etc. – use at your own risk. Panasonic will probably shut it down soon. Whatever you do – buy the license or the GH4R, and use this free V-Log L for testing purposes only. We do not encourage or tolerate piracy of any kind.

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