No More Free V-Log L: Panasonic Releases Remedial Firmware 2.4 For GH4

Well, it certainly didn’t take long for Panasonic to issue a remedial firmware update to block the free V-Log L profile included with the Panasonic Image App in version 2.3, which we told you about here. Today firmware version 2.4 fixes this oversight, so if you have enjoyed the free V-Log L up until now you might want to keep your firmware up to 2.3, otherwise it will be overwritten. Whether the custom profile can be loaded from a SD card and still work is yet to be tested. But, as we’ve said before, best to buy the real thing – you can get the V-Log L license for $100 from B&H here.


Panasonic issued an instructional video on how to update to version 2.4:



Many thanks to those who have recently purchased the LUMIX GH4 V-Log L upgrade. We are aware of an oversight in our Panasonic Image App which allows enabling of V-Log L as a “custom” setting without purchase. This was not our intent, and our apologies for the oversight.

We appreciate the many messages of support for the continuing development of innovative new products and features, and Panasonic intends to stand behind your investment in V-Log L and the LUMIX GH4. Therefore, it’s important to know that future LUMIX GH4 firmware upgrades, including mobile app upgrade pushes, will disable unlicensed activations of V-Log L. In addition, it’s Panasonic’s service policy to upgrade firmware during warranty claims, thereby eliminating unlicensed features. Thank you again for your continued support of Panasonic and the LUMIX G camera system and innovations yet to come.

A new firmware V2.4 will be available starting Sept 17th. Use of the V-Log L workaround associated with firmware Version 2.3 runs the risk of the Zebra Function not working and the Histogram reading improperly.

For those who are still yet to upgrade to V-Log L and waiting for their license keys, here’s a few videos with V-Log to help you decide if V-Log is right for you.

CHICAGO – Panasonic GH4 VLog L from Aaron Green on Vimeo.

V-Log Lite Test by James Goodwin

V-Log Test by Jonathan Gentry

[via 43rumors]

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