The Ultimate Cable Management Guide For Your Editing Bay

Having a super clean computer setup in your editing bay isn’t something that will totally change your day-to-day workflow, but considering the fact that it’s quite easy and cheap to organise your stuff these days there is really no excuse not to do so. Plus, keeping all your cables neat and well-organised will save you a ton of inconveniences and troubles while working, so spending some time and effort in managing these in advance will definitely pay off in the end.

In the video below, Mark from Totally Silenced Tech will run us through the process by bringing all of the information one will need to know about managing cables and how to turn a cluttered workspace into a neat and comfortable area where everything is placed exactly where it’s supposed to be.

In the first place, you’ll need to drill a few holes placed as close as possible to the accessories that you are using most on your desk. In this particular case, Marks drills two holes right behind his speakers where he puts through speaker’s cables so that they become invisible for those sitting in front of the desk.

He applies the same technique to hide his keyboard and mouse cables as he drills another hole underneath his keyboard. Alternatively, you can simply use wireless accessories whenever it’s possible.

Furthermore, I’d definitely recommend getting wireless monitors as well, but if you can’t afford them then you will need to conceal all the cables which can be quite overwhelming and tedious process, and I definitely didn’t recommend you this approach unless you really do know what you are doing.

You can organise the rest of your cables underneath your desk as there are a plenty of cable management accessories available out there such as trays, USB organisers, reusable cable ties, self-adhesive cable tie mounts that can be found online or in your local hardware store.

Once you’ve placed all of the cables, start securing them in tight bundles, just like you’d normally do if you need to manage the cables within your computer case.  Route each cable neatly, making sure not to create any tangles along the way, and then use Velcro strips to create tight bundles.

Ultimately, consider investing in a sturdy desk providing good height as well as a nice and comfortable chair, especially if you are planning to spend most of your day in front of your computer. That’s how you will be able to make the hours in the editing bay even more enjoyable and engaging, not to mention the fact that your working space will be a way more esthetically pleasing to the eye. I definitely put my money on that.

[source: Totally Silenced Tech]

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