The Fiilex AL250 is an Intelligent Aerial Light For Your Drone

It seems that the Fiilex AL250 drone light is another exciting solution that opens up new horizons in front of the eager filmmakers specializing in aerial videography. In essence, the Fiilex AL250 aerial light can be mounted to any drone with a minimum payload capacity of at least 0.6lbs (270g) providing 200-watt tungsten bulb equivalent output while drawing only 30 watts of power of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery attached on its housing. The unit also boasts special Fresnel optics designed to leverage Fiilex’s Dense Matrix technology. This drone light will give you roughly 25 minutes of a flicker-free beam on a single charge once attached to your drone via a GoPro mount. And, before you think why the heck you would want to shoot with a drone at night just take a quick look at the 3D Robotics promo material below.

If you are still not sold on the idea, keep in mind that you can utilise this drone light as a highly flexible source, allowing you to build innovative lighting set from virtually any point up in the sky. This way you will be able to capture not only breathtaking videos out in the wild but also mind-boggling photos like the ones showcased in the video above.

You can also light your night exterior scenes in remote locations in a way that in the past would take you hours. Now you can achieve this stunning results significantly quicker with a single drone equipped with the Fillex AL250 light. You can use the drone to emulate moonlight, highlight some of the objects to add more depth to your shot or take long exposure photos for the background of your shots thus transforming the pitch black space into a fully lit scene.

Here’s another behind the scenes video revealing more of the potential of the Fiilex AL250 drone lights:

Behind-The-Scenes: Night Thief from Fiilex LED on Vimeo.

And, here is the final result:

NIGHT THIEF from Fiilex LED on Vimeo.

Furthermore, you can use the light painting to capture some epic night exterior scenes and variety of looks thus taking your creativity to a whole new level. For instance, by compositing multiple exposures you can selectively choose the best-lit elements of your scene to create unique imagery for your projects or just add a few light accents in your exterior night scene for a fraction of the cost. Just use your imagination, don’t be afraid to experiment and remember that (literally) the sky is the limit.


You can already purchase the Fillex AL250 light by following either of the links below.

[via: PVC, source: Fiilex]

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Fiilex AL250 Intelligent Aerial Light with Rechargeable Battery

Fiilex AL250 Intelligent Aerial Light with Rechargeable Battery

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