DJI Focus Lets You Adjust Your Drone Camera Lens Wirelessly from the Ground

DJI Focus have been around for some time now, but it still continues to receive highly positive reviews from both seasoned professionals and enthusiasts alike specializing in aerial videography mainly for its precision, accuracy, and fast reaction speeds. For those of you who are still not aware, DJI Focus is the latest advanced wireless follow focus system of DJI that allows users to pull focus on their drone camera from the ground while adjusting focus and aperture remotely. The best part is it can be integrated natively with the Zenmuse Z5 series of camera/gimbals systems and can be mounted on rigs equipped with 15mm or 19mm rods including the Ronin and Ronin-M gimbals.  If that’s not enough, DJI Focus will work from as far as 5km away if you’re using it in conjunction with one of DJI’s Zenmuse X5 cameras in the air on an Inspire drone.

With a few button presses and a twist of the remote’s wheel, you can swap effortlessly between focus and aperture of your lens. Considering the fact that focus is still one of the most important aspects of principal photography that can’t be fixed in post, having full control over these two settings remotely 5km (3.1 miles) away from the ground is indeed a supreme achievement.

DJI Focus also provides adjustable endpoints as well as customizable focus wheel for further precision. The white marking ring around the focus dial is illuminated by a discrete led light ensuring that the marks are visible even in highly-dimmed conditions, plus it can be easily swapped out and customised instantly.


Furthermore, you can also set multiple focus points and the speed your camera racks between them while utilising the built-in OLED display. DJI Focus also comes with long-lasting one cell battery that can power up the unit throughout a full shooting day as it also can be easily recharged through its USB port. On top, the unit is equipped with dual communication ports for future upgrades along with built-in rosette for greater mounting flexibility.

All these high-end cinematographic capabilities along with the lightweight design and smooth, responsive performance,  come at a price, though. DJI Focus will set you back $1, 999, but if you really want to have a full control over your camera lens while shooting either up from the sky or on the ground, this advanced wireless follow focus system will let you explore a huge amount of creative possibilities that are too exciting and compelling to be missed.

[source: DJI]

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