How Reliable and Robust is Actually the DJI Osmo Vehicle Mount?

Driving a car at 100km/h (62mph) is a serious challenge even for some of the most durable and sturdy mount car systems available out there. But what about the dedicated Vehicle Mount manufactured by DJI for their proprietary Osmo gimbal/camera system?

How fast can one drive a car until the suction cup tripod falls off? What are its main pros and cons? How does the test footage look like? The Tom’s Tech Time video below provides all of the above answers, so if you want to put your Osmo to the test drive, I eagerly encourage you to see this video first.

Considering the fact that the DJI Osmo Vehicle Mount is smaller and lighter than most other models on the market, it’s incredibly robust and flexible for its size. The unit is build of engineering plastic and provides three moveable suction cup mounts. This feature allows users to attach the DJI Car Mount not only to flat surfaces but also to multiple inclined and rounded places while pointing the camera at some crazy angles for getting incredible shots.  There is also a locking system that lets you remove the Osmo arm of the system in case you want to use a different extension to lengthen the existing one.

Moreover, it’s possible to mount the DJI Vehicle Mount by utilising only two of the mounts, but you should use this approach with some extra precaution and at your own risk. As for the speed test, Tom claims that the unit managed to go successfully through the test of driving the car at 100km/h even though he doesn’t encourage users to be that bold. But, if you want to take advantage of the small size of the mount system, you can still capture some crazy shots like the one below.

To install the DJI Osmo Vehicle Mount system first, tighten the nut on the ball joint after adjusting the desired mounting angle. Position the joint as desired and tighten the nut. Don’t forget to toggle the switch on the base to the “LOCK” position. Before you attach the unit, make sure that the suction cups and the surface are clean and without dust. Finally, stick the suction cups onto the surface and pull the lock on each mount.

Bear in mind, that when driving at speeds over 100km/h or if your vehicle is accelerating quickly, your gimbal might go into protection mode. If you’re working in low temperatures, the grip of the suction cups will also decrease, so use your DJI Vehicle Mount accessory responsibly and in the right conditions.

Ultimately, the DJI Osmo Vehicle Mount car is going to set you back just $75 which isn’t that much considering the other less reliable and more expensive suction mounts for small cameras available in the same market segment. You can purchase your DJI Vehicle Mount directly at DJI Store or some of the authorised resellers around the globe.

[source: Tom’s Tech Time]

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