Two Portable Storage Solutions for Your Workflow On The Go – Samsung T3 vs Sandisk Extreme 900

Whether you are editing or color grading 4K footage in the studio or on the go, the chances are you will need some sort of reliable and fast storage solution to handle your media. To get the best editing performance and fast transfer speeds, an external SSD with the latest USB Type-C interface might provide all the required horsepower and storage space.

When it comes to reliable and large SSDs, the two viable options that instantly come to mind are the Sandisk Extreme 900 and the Samsung T3 external SSDs. If you are wondering which one of the two would fit better your workflow, here’s a quick comparison video produced by Max Yuryev regarding the performance and functionality of both drives.

In terms of size and form factor, the Samsung T3 is obviously a lot smaller and more compact than the Sandisk Extreme 900. Actually, the former unit is the quarter of the size of the latter and also six times lighter. According to Max Yuryev, the Sandisk drive feels much more solid, plus it has a rubber portion around the outside which is designed to absorb up to 800G’s of shock, and withstand temperatures from -20 to 70 Celsius. The Samsung T3 is also labeled as shock-resistant, but the Sandisk drive seems to be the better option in that regard.

Another benefit of the larger size of the Sandisk Extreme 900 is the ability to deal with heat more effectively. In real-world situations, the Samsung T3 drive gets hot considerably fast, whereas the Sandisk Extreme 900 stays cool even after prolong use. In terms of connectivity options, both drives are equipped with USB Type-C ports and include the USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable.The Sandisk also includes a USB C to C cable which is handy for devices that don’t have a standard USB port.

Even though both units are advertised as 2TB disks, the Samsung T3 is slightly larger. Regarding sequential write and read speeds both drives provide almost identical results. When plugged into a USB-3 port each of the units runs at about 450MB/s.  However, once you connect the Sandisk Extreme 900 drive into a USB 3.1 port you can get speeds of up to 850MB/s. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, this drive is suited for intensive tasks aiming at content creators predominantly working with 4K video files, high-res graphics, and other resource-intensive applications.

Ultimately, both drives deliver similar performance and have identical price tags. But if the size is the more important consideration for you then you should go with the Samsung T3. On the other hand, if you want more robust and reliable performance the Sandisk Extreme 900 would be the better fit for your workflow. Currently, the 2TB versions of both drives sell for $749.

[source: Max Yuryev]

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