Get Smooth, Level Videos with the DJI Osmo Every Time by Utilizing This Simple Technique

DJI Osmo is indeed a decent hand-held gimbal/camera solution capable of shooting fantastic 4K videos, but sometimes capturing smooth and fluid shots with it could be challenging and overwhelmingly hard. Just like any other handheld gimbal, it takes some practice, time and effort before you can get any satisfactory results in terms of extra stability with this device. If you are one of those Osmo users still struggling to get the best performance out of your Osmo, Ty of DJI will show you how to add another layer of fluid motion to Osmo videos by learning the fundamentals of walking with flat, stable strides in the next video tutorial.

Apparently, utilising the right walking technique while operating the DJI Osmo is critical for the final results you might expect. First and foremost, keep your knees bent and your muscles tense but movable. As Ty recommends, take a step forward while rolling your foot gently. The main purpose of this movement is to compensate the small differences in height with your legs that naturally appear when walking. That way you’ll be able to get smoother results over time.

Once you start feeling confident enough with walking, you could try more complex motions such as climbing stairs, running or even climbing over multiple obstacles. The best part is that you could implement this technique when shooting with other handheld gimbals and mechanical stabilisers as well. The key to success is mastering the suggested walking technique while using your arms and elbows in a similar manner at the same time.

If that is not enough and you’re still not pleased enough with the results, you can try out the dedicated Z-Axis Arm for the DJI Osmo that provides 4-axis stabilisation to your workflow and can be extremely efficient on occasions where you need additional stabilisation on vertical movements. You can keep the small form factor of the DJI Osmo and use this setup to capture some captivating time-lapse and hyper-lapse videos with ease.

For a hyper-lapse in particular, you need to toggle the time-lapse mode on your DJI Osmo and simply move around with the gimbal in your hand by following the tips and tricks of the video tutorial above.

[source: DJI Tutorials]

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