5 Tips and Tricks for Filming Better Event Videos

Often, filming an event video or an after movie for a client could be incredibly intimidating, especially if you’re not prepared for the shoot itself in advance. Unlike narrative productions, you don’t have the control over the action that takes place on such occasions. More or less, you’re limited to just documenting the event as it unfolds in front of your lens barely able to do a second take whatsoever.

When you add all unforeseen obstacles that might come across along the way, the shooting process could become even more overwhelming experience. To avoid all these troubles, Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom.net provides a few insightful tips and tricks that might help you to get the right shots and make your clients more happy and pleased with the final product you’re going to deliver them.

First and foremost, it’s paramount to show the overall positive atmosphere of the event by using it as a baseline and turning it into a leitmotif for your production. Your final goal is to create a video that people would like to share and interact with. To do so, try to avoid the cliches. For instance, don’t just show people drinking champagne and talking in a group around a standing desk. Try to be more creative with your shots instead and don’t be afraid to skip certain parts that you consider as annoying or less appropriate.

Beyond that, it’s essential to act more like a director, and less like a camera operator. Always remember that you’re creating a visual story that needs specific shots that will make it a complete product. Another useful tip is to ask people politely to do certain things or stand at a specific place etc. as such shots simply would make the viewers more connected to the event.

To make people even more immersed in your production, use an excerpt from a speech of some of the participants that is particularly related to the story you’re trying to tell. A few interesting quotes added to the mix will certainly make your event movie more appealing to watch. This approach will also add an extra creative layer to the video by helping you to communicate your story better.

Furthermore, the detail in your camerawork is another important aspect of the process you should consider carefully. For example, be aware and avoid shots that are not in focus, and even if such a mistake eventually occurs, do another take. Always make sure you have enough coverage, especially when it comes to your key shots related to the event.

Finally, make sure you capture plenty of insert shots. That type of footage will not only make your editing more fluent by giving you a plenty of options but will also bring stronger emotional impact to your project thus helping you to tell your story better. If possible, visit the location beforehand and try to make a list of the shots you’ll need to capture the next day. Planning in advance is always a wise decision, especially when you don’t have enough experience in filming such events.

Last but not least, stay creative, be passionate about every project you take and remember that all the extra time and effort spend on set in preparation will be totally worth it in the end.

[source: Cinecom.net]

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