StrapMoore Secures Your Batteries and Power Bricks to Any Light Stand, Tripod Leg or a Camera Rig

Finding a feasible solution to secure your camera power brick or other smaller batteries could be a tedious and intimidating task, especially when you’re in a hurry on set. Sure, there are many DIY workarounds you can opt for, but if you need a more robust solution, the Tether Tools StrapMoore Neoprene Straps might be the accessory you’ve been looking for a long time. Kudos to fellow filmmaker Erik Naso who have shared that handy tool with the filmmaking community along with his insights after using it for a while to secure his Aputure Light Storm power brick and even affix a larger battery on a tripod to power his Sony A7R II.

In essence, the StrapMoore attaches to the leg of any tripod or light stand thus allowing you to secure just about any accessory you need near your camera or computer weighing two pounds or less, which makes it the perfect solution for batteries, power bricks, remote controls, etc. The two-leg securing straps are adjustable and can be attached to any pole or beam as small as 1/4-inch and as large as 3-inches in diameter.

The strap that holds the object, on the other hand, is also adjustable and can accommodate any item as small as 1/4-inch and as large as 3.5-inches in diameter thus extending the usefulness of your tripod, light stand or monopod. And the best part is that this tool is dirt cheap as you can get it for merely $19. Further, if you want to attach a bigger item, you can use the additional extender that adheres to the StrapMoore’s heavy-duty elastic gripper lines in a similar way.

Ultimately, you can always use some velcro or even bungee cords to secure smaller items as an alternative, but the Tether Tools StrapMoore Neoprene Straps provide all the convenience you’ll need to accommodate your accessories while keeping them within reach. Plus, it’s extremely affordable, lightweight solution that packs very easily right off the bat. If you find the StrapMoore tool useful, you can get your hands on it by using the link below.

[source: Erik Naso]

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Tether Tools StrapMoore for Laptop Power Brick

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