The Trexo Slider is Incredibly Compact

The new Trexo Slider is so compact, that it can practically fit in a backpack. But even with a length of just under 13 inches, this slider is capable of programmable motion control with a useful load of up to eleven pounds.

Claimed to be the most compact slider ever made, the Trexo Slider is designed for on-the-go content creators and vloggers. While it has a modern, industrial design, the reliable lead screw mechanism keeps the camera moving smoothly across the entire 13-inch range, at speeds of between 0.001mm/second and as fast as 3cm/second.

Image Credit – Trexo Innovations

“Trexo Slider does not include a gearbox and belt mechanism,” states Trexo Innovations. “Our unique leadscrew design eliminates all the issues of belt-operated sliders such as jitters, jumps, and vibrations.”

The lead screw design also provides the added perk of being very energy-efficient, allowing the Trexo to enjoy a battery life of six hours before recharging via USB-C. That means the battery life can be extended through the use of a power brick.

Image Credit – Trexo Innovations

The slider can be controlled either by the built-in menu or through the Trexo Motion app for iPhone. Users have multiple modes including a programmable preset mode, manual travel mode, and a back and forth loop mode for repeatable motion control.

Image Credit – Trexo Innovations

There’s even an incline mode that enables the slider to move up and down at a 22.5° angle with a 5.5-pound load, while it can carry eleven pounds on a flat surface. The vertical operation can handle a 3-pound load.

All modes are also adjustable so that the travel time can vary as it moves along the gate. The slider’s designers are also planning on future add-on accessories that will make the Trexo slider a multi-axis device.

Made out of CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel, the Trexo Slider has been fully funded over seven times through Kickstarter, but interested parties can still order the slider through the crowdfunding portal at a pre-release price of $295. Included in the price are the slider, flex arm, ball head, and phone mount.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, however, there is a chance that the product will either be delayed or never come to market, so be sure to read their release schedule to evaluate their plan. Therefore, caveat emptor.

[source: Trexo Innovation]

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