RED Raven/Scarlet-W ISO Basics and Wireless Control Tutorials

You may recall that a few months ago, RED started posting some tutorials on their latest camera technology dubbed “RED TECH” tutorial series. These basic, but informative tutorials were created to inform of the benefits of using RED DSMC 2 (that is those with the Weapon style latest bodies, with built-in Wi-Fi and simultaneous ProRes/DNxHD recording) cameras through quick instructional videos that explain RED products, features, and best practices. Each episode highlights a different stage in the image capture process, from camera configuration basics to post production insights, as well as useful third-party tools and integration options. The latest episodes let users dive into the basics of ISO and Wireless control on RED DSMC 2 cameras like the Red Raven and Scarlet-W.

The Wireless Control video below demonstrates how to wirelessly control and monitor your DSMC 2 camera and lens settings through the REDLINK Command Protocol (RCP). RCP-compatible apps give users the ability to start/stop recording or adjust shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and more from an iOS device.

A popular (and must have) app for wireless control of RED cameras is FoolControl, which is available for iOS devices.

ISO is kind of a biggie with any camera. RED cameras as quite unique in the sense that their ISO is set in the image’s metadata and can be adjusted without altering the original file because of the intrinsic benefits of shooting REDCODE Raw. Similar to traditional image capture in film, adjusting a digital camera’s ISO modifies the sensor’s level of sensitivity to light. RED cameras let you use ISO the way you always have by sliding ISO down on sunny days and up in low-light conditions.

RED Cameras also feature FLUT – a more refined adjustment of ISO in much smaller increments compared to the regular 200, 400, 800, 1600 etc. To read more on ISO on RED cameras head over here.

With RED cameras getting more and more popular with the release of the RED Raven and Scarlet-W these tutorials can come quite handy for those new to the RED ecosystem. In fact, the RED Raven is so popular, that the company has put new orders on hold until the back order situation gets resolved as at the moment the backlog spans until next Christmas, which is quite painful.

More info in the Holiday Update thread on Reduser here.

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