Sony FX3 and Canon C70 vs ALEXA Mini LF Footage Comparison

Let’s check out the difference between the top dog ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and some of the more everyday options – the Sony FX3 and Canon EOS C70. There are some similarities between the cameras sure, but the huge difference in pricing is what keeps all of this super interesting. We are talking about a couple of cameras that are a few thousand dollars up against the go-to pro pick that costs tens of thousands.

A quick footage comparison between all these different cameras was put together by filmmaker Blaine Westropp. If you want to see how something on your wish list compares to the best you will want to watch.

This is actually a follow-up to another video we covered, so you might want to go check that out first. It seems that the comments were quite split on the ALEXA versus the FX3. Some people were saying the ALEXA was hands down better while others were saying the FX3 was just as good.

What Blaine cares about a lot is that one of the bigger considerations with cameras is that how they handle in post matters just as much as the actual image quality. If one camera produces an image that takes less work, that makes a difference to the person who has to edit it. Even more so if the person shooting and the person editing are the same person.

Blaine does prefer the ALEXA when it comes to the post workflow. Even with all the same settings, there are inconsistencies between the footage. Just throwing both up with their standard Rec.709 LUT you get different brightnesses in addition to color differences.

ALEXA Mini LF large format

Images by ARRI

Starting with white balance and exposure corrections he did manage to get both of the cameras looking similar. Still, there are differences and you might prefer one look to the other as a starting point. Blaine did these tests with consistent indoor shots and with outdoor shots to get a variety of imagery.

After doing a couple of tests he was able to add in the Canon C70 and do the same tests. It’s nice to see them all put side by side. There is different color rendering, with the ALEXA coming out as a slightly nicer look with colors that are either easier to work with or simply look better.

Image Credit: Canon

At the end of the day, if the workflow is important then a more expensive camera might make sense for a particular job. If you are simply buying a camera for yourself and can take the time to get it looking exactly how you want then slight differences are likely not worth more than tripling the cost of your camera.

What are your thoughts on the footage? I think all the cameras excelled, though the FX3 certainly had a less “cinematic” look if you want to call it that. 

[source: Blaine Westropp]

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