Creating a Stylish Glitch + Flash Video Transition Effect in Premiere Pro CC 2017

Sometimes, finding the perfect transition for your edit could be a bit intimidating, but before you pull out your credit card and start looking for a third-party solution on the Internet, consider the option to create one on your own.

Premiere Pro CC 2017 is not only a fantastic NLE packed with hundreds of free filters and effects, but also provides the required assets allowing video editors to create custom effects quickly and efficiently.

The next insightful tutorial produced by Justin Odisho is an excellent example in that regard. In the video, he’ll walk us through the process of creating an eye-catching glitch + flash transition from scratch.

Once you import and edit your footage in Premiere Pro CC,  create an Adjustment layer and drag it on the top of your edit. Also, make sure that it’s not longer than a few frames and that there is a cut underneath. The idea here is to apply a couple of effects to the adjustment layer so that they can аffect both clips even through the cut. Just as a reference, using ten frames on each side of the clip should be a great starting point.


Now, to create the glitchiness, head over to the Effects panel on the right-hand side of Premiere Pro CC, open up the search tab and look for the Wave Warp filter. You should be able to find it in the Distort folder of Video Effects, then simply click and drag it onto the Adjustment layer you’ve just created.

In the Effects Controls panel, access the Wave Warp settings and under Wave Type choose Noise. Then adjust the Wave height and the Wave Width accordingly and switch the Pinning from None to All Edges. You can also experiment with the Wave Speed and Direction settings, and tweak them to your taste.

The last step of creating this custom transition is applying the Echo filter to the Adjustment layer to add the flash effect into the mix. This filter will not only generate a bright flash but will also improve the glitchiness of the previously applied filter.

You can control the level of the brightness of the effect by switching between the different Echo Operator options. Choosing Add, for instance, will give you the brightest flash but you can also try out Screen or Minimum for softer results. Alternatively, you can tweak the Decay that should give you even greater control over the brightness of the flash.

Ultimately, you can not only use this custom effect as a cool transition but you can also apply it to different parts of your footage to stylize its look and add a different vibe to the overall edit. Once you complete the custom transition, you can save it as a preset in Premiere Pro CC and use it whenever you like just as any other filter the NLE provides.

Make sure you also check out the free Glitch & Distortion presets for Premiere Pro produced by Team below.

[source: Justin Odisho]

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