DJI Launches a RODE Killer with New Wireless Mic System

It’s no secret that DJI has long ruled the drone market, seemingly knocking down every potential drone killer with relative ease. But that’s not all the company does. They’ve created an action camera that’s every bit as good as the GoPro Hero, and they’re now going after RODE with a wireless microphone kit that is sure to delight.

At about half the size of the RODE Wireless Go II, the new DJI Mic is a dual wireless system that contains two clip-on transmitters and one receiver, all housed in a pocket-sized charging case. The DJI Mic can operate for 5.5 hours before needing to charge, and the case itself can provide up to 15 hours of additional battery power. 

Image Credit – DJI

The system can connect to your smartphones, cameras, the DJI OM5 Gimbal, and even the DJI Action Camera for crystal clear encrypted audio that is securely transmitted to your recording medium of choice. The system also has a 250-meter range.

Furthermore, the DJI Mic employs a dual-channel, encrypted wireless connection, which can transmit via WiFi to the receiver in 48,000 Hz 24-bit mono wav format. In the event of a lost connection, each transmitter can independently record up to14 hours of backup to 8GB of internal memory. 

Image Credit – DJI

The backup audio can then be transferred via a USB-C connection, a 3.5mm TRS interface, or a Lightning cable adapter. The transmitters also have a 3.5mm microphone plug to handle a wired lavalier mic connection.

To control the system, DJI has designed a touchscreen display for the receiver, which gives the creator access to channel and volume control, battery life indicators, and other critical microphone operations. Creators have access to multi-level control to adjust input and output volume between -12dB and 12dB.

The transmitters and receivers will automatically pair to each other when the creator flips open the charging case, making the whole system ready to record within seconds.  DJI has also included a pair of tiny deadcat windscreens to suppress wind and ancillary noise from the environment. 

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup: An extra ultra-portable charging case stores the transmitters and receiver and fast-pairs the system just by opening it.
  • Intuitive Design: The transmitters attach via a back-clip or magnetic plate. The receiver’s built-in touchscreen gives easy access to channel selection, input/output settings, and other essential operations. 
  • Portability: Weighing just 30 grams, the transmitter easily clips onto a shirt collar.
  • 250m Max Wireless Transmission Range: Using DJI’s latest encryption technology, DJI Mic is capable of recording crisp audio at distances of up to 250 meters (tested in unobstructed environments in direct line of sight).
  • Dual-Channel Recording: DJI Mic comes with two transmitters with built-in microphones, capable of simultaneously recording the sound from two audio sources. Each transmitter has a built-in storage of up to 14 hours (8GB) and supports backup recording, ensuring that your audio files are safe and easy to access. Files can be transferred via the USB Type-C Cable and appears as a drive when connected to your PC or Mac. Files are 48,000 Hz, 24-bit mono WAV format.
  • Compatibility: The DJI Mic receiver supports USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS interface output, making it compatible with most smartphone, camera, and laptop models.
  • Battery Life: The transmitters and receiver both boast a 5.5-hour battery life and a total of 15 hours with the compact charging case.
  • Variable gain control: DJI Mic has flexible variable gain control from two independent audio sources.
  • Safety Track: A secondary audio track is recorded as a backup with a lower volume of -6 dB (different from the main audio track), which helps to safeguard your audio in case of unforeseen issues.
  • Multi-level Control: Adjust input and output sensitivity between -12dB ~ 12dB and find the perfect setting for your surroundings.
  • Microphone Furry Windscreen: Effectively suppresses wind and noisy environments while still recording clear sound.

The price of the DJI Mic System is $329 from DJI and it’s available now.

[source: DJI]

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