NAB 2017: Freefly Announce MoVI XL – Larger, More Powerful Stabilizer for Heavy Cinema Camera Setups

NAB 2017 is in full swing and Freefly Systems, you know the guys that kind of got the whole “handheld stabilizer” craze started a few years back with the original Movi, are back with a couple of new gimbal stabilizer systems that are more than impressive. The game has changed dramatically over the last few years with plenty of companies offering everything from single and dual hand stabilizers for smartphones and compact cameras to chunky stabilized heads that can carry some of the world’s largest movie cameras from the side of a speeding car or an ATV.

And speaking of heavy loads, big cameras and giant zooms, Freefly have been busy working on their MoVI XL – the bigger brother to the MoVI Pro. In their own words – the MoVI XL “hit the gym” to bulk up and be able to carry impressive loads of up to 50 lbs, making it more than capable to carry rigged Alexas, RED Epics, Sony FS7’s etc.

Freefly Systems Movi XL

The Freefly Movi XL features some seriously high torque and lightweight motors capable of handling big cinema camera setups. Freefly designs all motors in-house to their exacting specifications in order to create motors that are lightweight without sacrificing peak power. They optimize motor cooling under load to make sure MōVI XL can execute any shot you can dream up.

Freefly Systems MoVI XL Highlights

  • 50lb max payload
  • Full F/I/Z integration
  • Compatible with MIMIC, MoVI Controller
  • High performance GPS
  • Custom direct drive brushless motors with high resolution encoders
  • Hollow shaft motors for easy wire routing
  • Compatible with Freefly API
  • Complete control over a RED cameras via RED RCP
  • Dual battery option for completely wireless operation
  • Base Price: $22,000

Freefly specializes in field oriented motor control and developed the sinusoidal motor drives that can be found on the MōVI and ALTA, which was the foundation for the MōVI XL drive now capable of 200W continuous and 500W peak power.

The custom motors, drives, and high power batteries allow MōVI XL to hit speeds of up to 100mph (160km/h) without sacrificing control or stability. Designing the XL from the ground up allowed Freefly to create a completely wireless system that can deliver 1500W peak power while only weighing 25lbs.

Freefly Movi XL NAB 2017

The Movi XL features dual 10Ah 22.2v batteries that can provide power for the MōVI XL and, as well as the following accessory ports and will run the system for up to 3+ hours.

The gimbal stabilizer system is completely wireless for both command and power using the Freefly control ecosystem (MIMIC, MōVI Controller, Pilot) and their high power lithium batteries.

The Freefly MoVI XL is designed to mount in under-slung or over-slung mode without changing anything by flipping the roll axis over and built to interface with the entire Freefly ecosystem. That means you can use MIMIC or MoVI Controller for gimbal pointing or camera control and hand the Pilot off to your 1st AC for FIZ control are all wireless and integrated into MoVI XL.

Movi XL Freefly Pilot Mimic

The optional quick release allows operators to quickly move the MōVI XL from jib, to car, to tripod, to dolly, to camel, all without any tools. Freefly has also tightly integrated the MōVI XL with RED cameras to allow users access to RED camera controls from six hundred feet away using MoVI Controller, Pilot, or MIMIC. 

MoVI XL features the world’s smallest, fully integrated, 3 axis lens control system built into the camera stage. Control all 3 channels with either the Pilot, MōVI Controller, MIMIC, or a combination of the 3 systems. And of course you can tune and customize your MoVI XL via the MoVI Pro iOS and Android app.

The MoVI XL starts shipping in May in the order reservations are received. Specs and price are preliminary and subject to change. To learn more about the MoVI XL head over to Freefly Systems.

The base price for the MoVI XL with no accessories will be $22,000 – pre-order here at B&H (soon).

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