Fingazoom is a Rubber Lens Control Band That Helps You to Pull Focus On the Fly

You have probably stumbled upon some quirky filmmaking tools and accessories over time here and there, but I promise you, you have never seen anything like this. Or at least that’s exactly what my initial thought was when I first saw Fingazoom. Yeap, you’ve got the name right. In a nutshell, it’s a rubber lens control band that fits perfectly on lenses with an outer diameter of 55 to 77mm and can be used to control the zoom or focus of your lenses.

The band is specifically designed for use with DSLR and mirrorless lenses in mind as it allows you to manually zoom your lens without removing your hand from the camera. In other words, all you have to do is position the ring on the lens so that you can control it with your thumb. It’s just as simple as that. Now, let’s take a closer look at the short video review of Fingazoom produced by Tom Antos below.

Invented by Canadian filmmaker and director of photography David Fabrega, Fingazoom aims to solve a crucial ergonomic problem for those camera operators who prefer to shoot handheld as they have to take one hand off the camera to be able to pull focus manually, thus losing the stability and accuracy of their framing.

The installation of Fingazoom is just as simple and straightforward as its concept. First, you need to place the yellow lever in front of the lens attachment mark. Then, you have to firmly surround the zoom ring with the rubber band and press the locking hooks into the notches for so that the Fingazoom adheres perfectly to the lens. Finally, you should mount the lens to your camera, and you are set to go.

Optionally, it’s possible to combine two Fingazooms on the same lens as one could be placed on the zoom and the other on the focus ring all at once. Overall, this ergonomic improvement of your compact camera will allow you to easily pull off seamless zoom movements and smooth focal changes thus eliminating the necessity of using an expensive follow-focus system or a tripod when shooting on the fly.

The best of all, the Fingazoom lens control band will set you back less than $20 so obviously, you can’t go wrong with it. To learn more about the innovative product, head over to Fingazoom official website here.

[source: Tom Antos]

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