Filming High-Quality YouTube Videos on a $100 Budget

Producing high-quality video content these days while working on a shoestring budget could be more feasible than you think. If you are considering the opportunity to start your own YouTube channel but you don’t have enough money to pull the trigger and invest in expensive professional gear right off the bat, you can still get some excellent results with a few dirt cheap pieces of video equipment as well.

The insightful video of Paul Bradford will show you exactly that – how to put together your YouTube videos in a professional manner on the cheap. And yes, a $100 budget should be more than enough to get the show on the road.

All you will need to start off is a smartphone, phone tripod, professional mic setup, cheap softbox and a light stand. Or at least, that’s all the equipment that Paul Bradford utilizes to produce his current YouTube videos. In case you wonder, he predominantly shoots in 4K with his iPhone 7 while using a dirt cheap gorilla tripod costing just $5.

Personally, I was quite impressed by his audio rig. It seems that for roughly $30, you can get a full-fledged mic setup that includes a decent studio condenser microphone with an XLR input along with an adjustable microphone suspension scissor arm stand and a bunch of other useful bits and pieces such as an anti-vibration shock mount, microphone pop filter, foam protective anti-wind cap cover, microphone cable, etc. If that’s not enough, the package includes a dedicated sound interface that allows you to connect the mic directly to your Mac computer.

The rest of the $100 budget goes for a four-socket softbox, an inexpensive light stand, and two 85W light bulbs. Obviously, even with this minuscule investment, you can make your YouTube videos shine and look professional enough to stand out from the crowd. As long as you have a decent smartphone that shoots 1080p video or beyond, a proper audio setup, and some basic professional lighting, you should be good to go.

Beyond the equipment, of course, you will need to produce some high-quality content on a regular basis and bring value to the world, but if you already have some great ideas worth sharing, nothing should stop you from getting yourself in front of the camera and spreading the word.

[source: Paul Bradford]

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