AtomOS 8.4 Firmware for Sumo19/Sumo19M Now with Dynamic Backlight Control

Atomos just released firmware update 8.4 or AtomOS 8.4 as they call it for their Sumo 19 production monitor range, which includes the Atomos Sumo19 and the monitor-only Sumo19M version. Dynamic Backlight Control is the major new feature in AtomOS 8.4, which allows users to get a better viewing experience as they go from SDR to HDR monitoring.

Dynamic Backlight control delivers improved back level performance by adjusting the backlight with the HDR slider depending on the scene. The maximum black point was 1.2 nit, with OS8.4 this is now 0.1 nit, giving you a more contrasty look in SDR.

The latest firmware update also adds more support for the Panasonic Varicam LT slow-motion, enabling 10bit 2K/240p Raw to ProRes, 4K/60p Raw to ProRes as well as 2K/120p 10-bit CinemaDNG and 4K/30p 12bit CinemaDNG Raw.

AtomOS 8.4 for Sumo19 Details

  • Dynamic Backlight control added as new feature for improved black level performance. Based on HDR slider position the backlight is adjusted with maximum black level reduced from 1.2nit to 0.1nit
  • Added support for:
    • Panasonic Varicam LT 10-bit RAW 2K 100/120/200/240p to ProRes & DNX.
    • Panasonic Varicam LT 12-bit RAW to CinemaDNG up to 4K/30p.
    • Panasonic Varicam LT 10-bit RAW 2K 100/120p to CinemaDNG.
    • PanaRAW gamma and gamut options in HDR playback.
  • Added an option to embed Analog audio into the loop out signal:
    • Turn on “Embed Analog audio” in the Audio menu.
    • Select which channel to embed by clicking on the “A” button.
    • The embedded channel will replace the existing channel on the loop out.
    • Audio meters will continue to show the input signal.
  • Added File metadata to .mov files for Rec.2100 modes (PQ and HLG) when ATOM HDR monitor mode is enabled.
    • This enables Auto NLE workflows & HDMI HDR standard flag insertion.
  • “Auto HDR” option added in the ATOM HDR options (Support for PQ/HLG and BT.709/BT.2020):
    • Activates reading of standard HDMI HDR flags from sources.
    • Enable this option when using a PQ or HLG workflow (eg. PS4 Pro and Microsoft Xbox).
    • The HDMI input will decode HDR info frames from HDMI inputs and automatically configure the gamut and gamma.
    • The HDMI output will also transmit the correct HDR info frames to the downstream monitor for PQ and HLG.
    • In playback the .correct HDR mode will be automatically configured based on the .mov file metadata inserted.
  • Added HDR support for RED Log3G10, REDWideGamutRGB.
  • Added HLG as a monitoring option under Sony AtomHDR menu.

NAB 2017 Atomos Sumo 19 inch production studio HDR monitor

Bug fixes:

  • Improved file system performance for Atomos 4K/Raw 2TB SSD to eliminate split files.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where audio recorded on channels 5 to 8 was corrupted when received from some equipment.
  • Fixed an issue where audio noise was introduced from sources such as Nikon D800 and Microsoft XBOX.
  • Fixed an issue where audio did not work on HDMI loop out at 4K/50p and 4K/60p with some TV’s.
  • Fixed an issue with SDI output where audio was noisy when connected to some older devices.

You can download AtomOS 8.4 for Sumo19/Sumo19M from Atomos here.

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