Four Popular Lenses For Your Panasonic GH5/GH5S Camera

Just like any other interchangeable camera system, no basic mirrorless camera setup is complete without the right lens. If you own a Panasonic GH5/GH5S, for instance, you probably know that choosing the right piece of glass for your camera could be time-consuming and overwhelming process since there are so many brands on the market making their own take on the same lens features.

Thankfully, filmmaker Tyler Casey suggests a list of four popular and tested lenses that you may want to use with your GH5/GH5s camera. While this video focuses on the GH5/GH5S specifically (which obviously use a micro four-thirds lens mount), there are typically variants of the lenses featured with different mount types, so keep that in mind.

The first piece of glass on the list is the Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 lens. Casey describes the unit to be his best all-purpose lens for quick shooting situations, especially since it’s been proven to withstand some extreme environments out in the field. In addition, the lens provides excellent autofocus capabilities, which is perfect for gimbal shots where nailing focusing is of vital importance.

The Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 also comes with built-in Internal Optical Stabilization for use with the GH5/GH5s, significantly reducing camera shakes and jitters. On top of that, it features a constant aperture of f/2.8, meaning that no matter what focal distance you’re shooting at, you’ll be able to drop down to f/2.8 throughout the entire range, helping you get that cinematic blurred background no matter how zoomed in you are.

The next lens recommended in the video above is the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art Lens. Similar to the Panasonic lens, the Sigma 18-35mm has a constant aperture that’s even lower – f/1.8 (and up to f/1.1 with the SpeedBooster). This feature provides you with a very soft shallow depth of field effect and makes it an essential asset when shooting in very low-light conditions. Casey describes the sharpness and color reproduction capabilities of this lens to be astonishing and well worth its mid-tier price tag.

The Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Lens seems to be another favorite choice of many GH5/GH5s video shooters. The wide focal distance range of 11-16mm makes this lens the right fit for a wide variety of landscape and establishing shots. In fact, with the SpeedBooster adapter, the Tokina 11-16mm looks even wider, although some vignetting may be visible unless you zoom in slightly. The f/2.8 aperture is also great for sub-low-light shots and decent shallow depth of field.

Last of the four lenses is the Rokinon CV85M-C 85mm t/1.5 Aspherical Lens. Besides being the only prime telephoto lens on the list, this particular one stands out from the rest since it’s an actual cinema lens. With the unit come proper focus gears that are compatible with follow focus systems, allowing you to add your own focusing rig, making it easier to pull focus on the fly.

The aperture control ring has also been de-clicked which facilitates smooth iris pulls. Unlike the other lenses, the Rokinon 85mm has a very fast aperture of f/1.5, making it ideal for low-light situations even when mounted on a Micro 4/3 sensor.

What are your favorite GH5/GH5s lenses? Let us know in the comments below.

[source: Tyler Casey Productions]

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