Motion Array: The Motion Graphics Marketplace Turned Video Maker’s Dream

Hey there all you video-making virtuosos! Some exciting developments are afoot in our creative little industry and they’re all taking place over Motion Array.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Motion Array is stock video marketplace that for past several years, has been serving up some of the best Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, royalty free music, stock video, and in-house tutorials the internet, nay the entire universe, has ever seen.

But earlier this month, things changed. Motion Array expanded, integrating a game-changing new video collaboration tool and an eye-popping portfolio-hosting platform designed specifically for video.

Motion Array: The Ultimate Video Maker’s Platform from Motion Array on Vimeo.

By incorporating these powerful new services (which go by the name of Review and Portfolio), Motion Array has effectively turned it’s site into the ultimate one-stop shop for post-production artists. Through the platform, members will be able to accomplish everything the need to polish off a project—from accessing stock video resources and sourcing feedback, all the way through to self-promotion.

Now for the specifics.

Let’s begin with Review. The easiest way to think about Review is as a Google Docs but for video projects. It allows artists to share access to their draft videos with collaborators and clients and receive instantaneous, frame-accurate comments on the actual video itself.

Motion Array Review: Realtime, Frame-Accurate Feedback from Motion Array on Vimeo.

No longer will artists need to upload or email draft videos to clients, await feedback, make the necessary edits, before repeating the painstaking process all over again in order to get a project bang-on perfect. Now all of this time-sucking back-and-forth can take place all within the one platform and in real-time.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Review’s interface can be customized to incorporate elements of your or your client’s brand and it also comes with password protection on all videos so you never ever have to worry about your future Academy Award-winning documentary on vampire squid being stolen, ripped off or, god forbid, leaked!

Lastly, there’s no cap on how many versions of the same video you can upload to Review, making it a zillion times easier for users to keep track of progress and present clients with multiple options.

Now, moving along to Motion Array’s other new razzle dazzle service: Portfolio!

As mentioned, Portfolio is a video portfolio website-builder which has been specifically designed for artists wanting to showcase their videos. Like most other website-builders, users of Portfolio will be able to customize their websites in a variety of fun ways and they’ll also be given carte blanche to choose whatever domain name the see fit. Fancy being found at Then please, take it. It’s all yours.

Motion Array Portfolio: Make Amazing Video Websites from Motion Array on Vimeo.

What’s more, users will also have the option to feature video covers and parallax scrolling on their portfolio—an attractive combo that few other website-builders currently offer. JUST saying.

Lastly, Portfolio will also come fully integrated with Motion Array’s Review system. Meaning when you’re done finalizing a video on Review, you can shoot it right on over to your portfolio with the click of a mouse. No coding, export, or importing required!

One feature that makes these two new tools stand apart from the rest, is that you can use your own domain address or the provided domain address. They don’t use the URL, so your clients only see your branding, and not Motion Array’s. This is the way it should be.

For anyone who’s accustomed to relying on multiple subscription-based services to get their video projects done, you’ll no doubt appreciate the streamlined packaging of Motion Array’s new and improved platform. But perhaps more impressive is the price for which it’s being offered.

Instead of concocting a menu of individual fees for each of its new features and services, Motion Array has decided to roll all of them into their existing subscription packages for no additional cost. Not bad when you consider that these packages—which start at the extremely low price of $0 and work all the way up to the crème de la crème plan of $54/month—also come with full access Motion Array’s library of stock motion graphics and video footage.

But seriously guys, don’t just take all this Motion-Array’s-new-platform-is the-best-thing-since-sliced-white-bread spiel from us. Head on over to their website to see for yourself the kinds of top-quality, time-saving tools they have to help bolster your projects and turn that frumpy editor’s frown upside down.

[source: Motion Array]

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