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What to Look for When Buying a 4K Camera

Technology is evolving every day. Nowadays, 4K resolution is a new trend that is available on computers, TVs, and cameras. You get to see amazing pictures and videos that make you feel as if you are right there where the footage was taken. However, there are some

The Inescapable Benefits Of Royalty-Free Music

We all know the feeling. You’ve just finished editing your video to the point perfection but before you export that thing and call it day, there’s one last thing left to do: throw in some tunes! It seems like a simple enough task. But, for most editors, selecting

How To Get Started As A Professional Video Editor

Basic video editing isn’t that hard to do. Anyone can get started with the right software and edit a video. But the nuance is harder. Editing isn’t just about chopping up clips, it’s about timing and pacing. And it’s about creating a look, a colour grade, and

Using Templates To Make High-Quality Videos

Creating high-quality video requires an expertise in a lot of areas. First, there is the shooting of footage, which requires a great eye and excellent knowledge of camera gear. Then there is a need for great editing skills like a sense of pacing and knowledge of editing

Motion Array Is Now Accepting Asset Requests

Here’s something pretty cool. Paid members of the creative asset marketplace Motion Array can now submit requests for the assets they want produced. Motion Array is always trying to make the user experience a cut above the rest, and this new feature is just another attempt to

Make Amazing Videos with Motion Array

There are a lot of marketplaces for creative goods. They offer different sorts of products and different price points. But one marketplace that has a really interesting new take is Motion Array. Where Motion Array stands out from some of the other marketplaces is in their commitment to

Video Devices PIX-E5H Earns High Praise on Lynda.com

Freelance Director of Photography James Ball has worked in a wide variety of genres from TV series, industrials, nonprofits, live-to- tape studio productions, and commercials. He has traveled the globe honing his craft, working on feature-length documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, and PBS channels. Ball also