Tired Of The Same Old Premiere Pro Effects?

If you’re a regular Premiere Pro user looking for new ways to spruce up your videos, then you may want to check out the awesome new line of Premiere Pro plugins from Motion Array.

Over the past couple of weeks, the hugely popular motion graphics marketplace has released two video effects plugins (Stretch and Long Shadow) and one crazy fun transitions package that’ll have you jumping from scene to scene to scene without ever losing a viewer. But this is just the beginning! According to the gang over at Motion Array, they’re hard at work cooking up bunch of other plugins due for release later this year and beyond.

Along with the obvious intention of making your videos look fantabulous, Motion Array says one of the other big aims of its plugins was to help ease as speed the workflow of its users. And when you consider how labor-intensive it’s always been to incorporate original video effects and transitions into Premiere Pro, it’s safe to say that they’ve done a pretty solid job of achieving this.

It’ll now be as easy as cruising the Motion Array marketplace for whatever quirky-ass plugin you want, installing it in and Premiere Pro and bada bing bada boom—it’s yours to pluck out and use whenever you want. Simply drag and drop that puppy onto your timeline like you would any other Premiere Pro effect.

Although there is just one caveat to be aware of. Motion Array plugins are only available (albeit for absolutely free) to Motion Array members. And in order to be able to keep using your installed plugins on and ongoing basis, you’ll need to maintain an active paying membership.

So the question really becomes: is it worth it? Well obviously, if you’re working on a one-off video project then no, it’s probably not. But for anyone who regularly dabbles in the world of video making—whether it be for professional or personal purposes—then the Motion Array subscription has virtually become a no-brainer.

Starting at just $24 per month you score access to Motion Array’s marketplace of some 70,000 stock motion graphics, footage, sound FX and music. Add to that Motion Array’s super stunning video portfolio website builder and cloud-based video review system and—bar an NLE—you have everything you could possibly ever need to carry a project all the way through post-production.

But back to the plugins. If you’re still on the fence and quite decide if they’re for you, why not take a few minutos to see how they look in action with this video tutorial on how to install Motion Array plugins in Premiere Pro, and this this tutorial on how to use them once they’ve been installed.

As you’ll see you, they’re pretty easy to navigate. And once you’ve conquered one, you can conquer them all!

[source: Motion Array]

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