The Ultimate Camera Rig for the Pocket 6K Pro

Blackmagic has been making amazing compact cinema cameras, appropriately named “Pocket” cameras. The latest is the Pocket 6K Pro and while it has some very nice specs and upgrades over the previous iterations, it does still benefit greatly from being rigged up. If you plan to use it as a serious cinema camera you should plan on adding some key accessories. A few parts can make life a lot easier.

One example of a complete kit comes from the YouTube channel We Eat Together. It actually focuses on pieces available from SmallRig which is known for creating solid, more affordable pieces. So if you are on a budget this might help.

When using the Pocket 6K Pro there are four potential pain points that are called out:

  • Battery power
  • Focusing
  • Monitoring
  • Flare control & filtration

You are going to need some way to mount the tools to assist with the solutions and the way to do that is with a cage. SmallRig makes a Cage and Accessory Kit that comes with all the core pieces you want when you start rigging up your camera. The cage itself is quite brilliant, even having an integrated slot for SSDs.

Moving on from the cage you have a baseplate with two-rod holders. Attach some 15mm rods and you now have what is looking like a nice rig core. He uses 9” rods in the video, but he recommends potentially going with some longer rods for more room. 

Image Credit: SmallRig

Part of the space on the rods is used to mount a V-mount battery plate, to which he then adds a D-tap splitter. There is the power solution, with a V-mount battery and these D-tap ports you can power the camera, monitor, and a few other accessories with ease.

The cage kit comes with a few other nice accessories, such as a NATO rail and a couple of handles for the top and side to make it easier to handle. Then there is a tilt and swivel monitor mount that should work for most on-camera monitors.

His choice of display is the 7” Blackmagic Video Assist. It’s a nice, large display and you can pick up a cage and shade from SmallRig to complete it.

Image Credit: SmallRig

On the front of the rods, you can add a lens support, and the SmallRig option is nice and easy to adjust and use. Along with this you will likely want the SmallRig Mini Follow Focus. It can actually attach to rods or to the top of the cage. If you want to configure the follow focus to a different side it can be a great option.

Now, the other piece to add is the SmallRig Mini Matte Box. It has a top flag that can be adjusted to limit flare and can support filters. 

Image Credit: SmallRig

That looks like all the major pain points were addressed in this kit. Now you can keep your kit powered up for a full shoot, more easily focus, monitor with ease, and control flare and add filters as you need.

It’s a good place to start if you are building up your own kit and some of the components are actually usable on any camera you want.

[source: We Eat Together]

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