The 5 Levels of Photography & Videography Protection

Whenever you take your camera out of its case, you run the risk of it getting damaged. With the time it takes to find the perfect camera, accustom yourself to all of its settings and learn the ins and outs of how to take the perfect photo with it, it’s no wonder why it can be awfully frustrating when the camera gets damaged or stolen.

Not only are cameras a large financial investment, they can be an emotional one too. A camera acts as your partner in crime when it comes to creating your quality videography and photography, and keeping it safe from harm plays a major part in protecting your photography.

Of course, protecting your videography business and your hard work takes more than just avoiding the loss or theft of your camera. Here, the protective camera case experts at Peli UK have provided their Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Camera and your portfolio of work.

1. Keep an eye on your camera at all times

When travelling, cameras are extremely tempting items for thieves. You’re relaxed, you’ve obviously got your camera with you to capture all the beautiful landscapes, but your guard will undoubtedly be down. Never hang your camera bag over the back of your chair in a bar or restaurant and make sure to keep it on your body at all times. Even compact cameras are a relatively big financial investment, so when you’re not using your camera, keep it zipped up in its case.

2. Never lose your videos again

Backing up your videos and images may seem like an arduous task, but if you have multiple memory cards with plenty of space on them, there’s no time like the present to begin filling that space.

Don’t just rely on memory cards for storage, either. Should your memory card break, go missing, or suddenly stop working, you’ll lose all your videos and photos. Backup your portfolio in an online storage cloud or an external hard-drive, just in case. It’s better to be prepared than to lose thousands of assets and memories.

3. Upgrade your camera strap

Sometimes you’ll want your camera to hand ready for those once in a lifetime shots. When your camera’s out of its case, you’ll want to ensure that it’s not going to get damaged while you’re on the move. There are a number of over the shoulder straps with metal mounts and carabiners which give you quick access for when you need it, along with the sturdiness and support for when you’re not.

Look for straps which have a steel wire running through it, to give your camera even more protection by reducing the risk of the strap snapping or being cut through by thieves.

4. Insure your equipment

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you cannot prepare for the unexpected. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if your camera is covered when you’re out and about, along with what is and isn’t covered by the policy. As well as insuring your camera and equipment, make sure to keep a record of their serial numbers, to make replacing them a lot quicker and easier, if you ever need to.

5. Invest in a hard shell camera case

Dust, sand, water and hard surfaces all present dangers for your DSLR camera and camcorder equipment. A protective padded bag or hard shell camera case with organisational pockets for your lenses and accessories should be considered an essential part of your equipment as well. Should you need to check-in your equipment or put it in the overhead bins on a flight, you’ll be able to sit comfortably knowing that your prized camera and accessories are safely stored from the inevitable knocks they would normally receive.

It isn’t just thieves who present a danger to your beloved camera. The weather, gels and creams, dust, sand, salt, knocks and falls can all quickly deem your camera useless if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Try to protect your videos, photographs, camera, and additional accessories at all times, to ensure many more years of happily shooting videos with your beloved camera.

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