Tilta Reimagines Mobile Filmmaking with Its New Khronos Cage Ecosystem

Mobile filmmakers can now capture professional-grade cinematic footage on their iPhones with ProRes Log, which is now available on the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s cinematic tools. However, this improvement comes at a cost.

Tilta has launched a new Khronos Cage Ecosystem that offers a comprehensive solution for mobile filmmakers by transforming the phone into a cinema camera rig.

The Khronos system provides power, protection, and all the necessary accessories to capture stunning cinematic footage.

The Khronos system caters to every aspect of a filmmaker’s needs, making it quick and easy to set up while providing professional quality tools to keep the overall cinematic imagery at the top of the mobile filmmaking game.

Filmmakers can create a turnkey camera rig with the vast array of tools and accessories available in the Khronos system that work seamlessly together.

The cage itself is a two-part design that is screwed together to provide a secure and durable connection while encircling the camera with multiple attachment points.

It can also route phantom power to any device that needs it. The cage does not provide power directly, but users can provide power through a USB-C connection that gets routed through the cage. This feature eliminates cable management issues.

Image Credit – Tilta

The Khronos Cooling System can be mounted on the cage via MagSafe to keep the iPhone cool during long-duration takes.

The 22W variable frequency fan system has two speeds and can reach a top speed of 6700 rpm while cooling the phone to as low as 39° F.

The phone can be powered directly through MagSafe, keeping it topped off during long shooting days.

Image Credit – Tilta

The Khronos Focus PD Handle offers a 5000 mAh battery in its grip while adding a control dial for manually controlling focus and zoom after being connected to a supported app like the Blackmagic Camera App.

The dial gives solitary shooters the freedom to pull focus with a simple turn, while Tilta’s optional Tilta Nucleus Nano II FIZ Wireless Lens Control System can be controlled by a camera assistant, allowing the camera operator to concentrate on camera movement.

Image Credit – Tilta

Other Khronos accessories include filter and lens adapters for adding ND and other filters or third-party lenses, mini LED light panels, an SSD holder for writing or offloading footage, a USB-C hub to manage multiple connections into the iPhone’s single connection, a 17mm threaded lens adapter, and both NATO and ARCA type universal options with Cold Shoe options.

The Khronos system is available in space gray or titanium white and comes as a complete kit starting at $249. The kit includes the Khronos iPhone 15 Pro Max Case, Khronos Focus PD Handle, and Khronos Mini Daylight LED Light.

There are also two more kits available, the advanced kit starts at $379 and the Ultimate Kit is $569. The optional Tilta Nucleus Nano II FIZ Wireless Lens Control System is available now for $299. Shipping is listed as “coming soon.”

[source: Explora]

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