The Best Dirt-Cheap Tripod Under $100 for Shooting Video

More often than not, buying a reliable tripod at a reasonable price can be a serious challenge. However, there are a few third-party manufacturers out there that specialize in low-cost accessories, offering gear at a fraction of the cost compared to companies like Benro and Manfrotto.

The V3AH Tripod by 3Pod is one of Amazon’s highly rated tripods, with thousands of happy customers sharing their thoughts on the product. With a durable design priced at a mere $80, it’s no wonder why so many low-budget filmmakers flock to their local Amazon to pick up one of these tripods. In fact, filmmaker Darious Britt had a chance to play around with the device, explaining why the 3Pod V3AH is one of the most value-oriented accessories on the market right now.

As mentioned previously, the V3AH is incredibly well-built for a tripod at such a low price point. The unit is mainly constructed of matte-black anodized aluminum and plastic which seems to be the perfect material combination that balances weight with structural integrity.

The tripod also features a fluid head design, which is an essential component as to why this tripod offers incredibly smooth pan and tilt shots for less than $100. The tripod head is mounted to the legs using a 50mm bowl mount, with an included bubble level of precise positioning of the head.

Due to the bowl mount design, you will need to ensure that the mounting screw of the bowl is tightly screwed in to avoid accidental misalignment with the tripod head’s mounting position.

You can mount your camera (up to 14.5 lbs) onto the tripod either using a 1/4″ 20 or 3/8″ screw, attached to a sliding quick release plate. Additionally, the quick release system features a locking mechanism to prevent your camera from accidentally sliding off the tripod.

The 3Pod V3AH has a maximum height of 61 inches and can be adjusted using the tabs on the side of legs of the tripod. While the tabs allow for easy height adjustment, it’s worth noting that their plastic construction makes them somewhat fragile, and may break if you’re not careful.

All in all, for just 80 bucks, the 3Pod V3AH is undoubtedly a no-brainer for anyone seeking a low-cost, yet capable tripod. While you may not use this tripod for big commercial projects, the ability to get a smooth pan and tilts makes the V3AH perfect as a backup tripod or as a primary choice for personal or semi-pro shoots.

[source: D4Darious]

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3Pod V3AH Anodized Aluminum Video Tripod with 2-way Fluid Head and Quick-Release Plate

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