Five Budget Must-Have Video Accessories for Your Sony A6300 and A6500

Although a camera is really all you need to start shooting video, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of accessories on-hand to help improve your production workflow. From battery grips to field monitors, it’s important to explore the different accessory options available to you as any of these additional bits and pieces could unexpectedly improve your video shooting immensely.

Particularly for those using the Sony A6300 or A6500, Jason Vong has put together an insightful video that covers several budget-friendly pieces of gear that certainly deserve consideration. Let’s take a closer look.

One of the primary complaints regarding the A6300 and A6500 counterparts is the short battery life, even when you simply need to navigate around the camera menus. To deal with this tedious shortcoming, Vong recommends purchasing a battery grip. Even though Sony doesn’t officially make their own one, third-party manufacturer Meike is known for some of the best alternatives on the market.

With the Meike Battery Grip, you can use two batteries at the same time in order to extend your recording time. Additionally, as the name implies, the accessory gives you added grip points when holding your camera.

Another complaint associated with cameras like the A6300 and A6500 is the small LCD screen on the back, which makes it difficult to preview shots, let alone nailing focus on the fly. To remedy this flaw, purchasing an external monitor like the 5.7-inch model from AndyCine is definitely a must.

Dubbed as the mini version of a SmallHD monitor, AndyCine’s offering provides an affordable monitor with a fair build and an articulating arm for easy orienting of the unit itself. The product features a 1080p display which allows users to accurately view the camera video feed.

Although the user interface is inferior to those found in higher-end monitors, the AndyCine monitor includes all the essential video assist tools one will need, such as focus assist, peaking, histogram, and aspect ratio markers.

If you’re someone who brings your A6300 or A6500 around regularly, you’ll understand the frustration associated with having to take your camera from your bag, shooting with it and then returning it back. For a more convenient photo/video-taking experience, consider investing in the Peak Design Capture Clip Pro.

The Capture Clip Pro is essentially a quick release mechanism that attaches to the strap on your backpack. Instead of having to put your camera in a bag, you can easily mount the camera to your backpack’s strap and have it hang securely in front of you, thus making it easily accessible for off-the-cuff shots.

In case you need to attach more accessories to your Sony A6300/A6500 camera, Vong recommends the SmallRig Cage for its low profile, plus you don’t need to assemble it in advance.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to attach a battery grip to your camera with the suggested cage. Nevertheless, you can still use the AndyCine monitor with a dummy battery as an alternative source of power.

Lastly, if you’re someone who uses your Sony A6300 or A6500 predominantly for shooting video, you might want to invest in a well-crafted, reputable gimbal. For this, Vong recommends the classic Zhiyun Crane v2 gimbal.

Although this particular model is older than Zhiyun’s current offerings, the v2 still performs as well as its newer counterparts, despite being priced at around less than $400.

The Crane v2 not only is travel-friendly with a design that allows you to easily stow the gimbal away in a suitcase (or its included carrying case) but it also weighs less than newer gimbals on the market, making it convenient for camera operators to use when filming.

What are your favorite Sony A6300/A6500 accessories? Let us know in the comments below.

[source: Jason Vong]

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