Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15.2.1 Update Now Available

Not long after releasing a major update for their URSA MINI Pro cameras with Camera Update 6.0, raising the max ISO to 3200 among other new features, Blackmagic Design have also released a new update 15.2.1 for their DaVinci Resolve colour grading/NLE/VFX suite.

The latest DaVinci Resolve 15.2.1 firmware update provides performance improvements for MXF OP1A rendering, keyboard shortcuts, match frame focus, 10-bit DPX playback, optical flow image processing, audio routing, Fusion transform tool offsets and much more. This update also includes general stability improvements and is recommended for all DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio users.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve 15.2.1 – New Features/Improvements

Addressed an issue where:

  • rendering to the MXF OP1A format would cause a crash or generate a corrupt file
  • opening projects using the context menu would sometimes cause a crash
  • the dynamic project switching option would reflect an incorrect state across application restarts
  • where switching databases when working on a collaboration project would sometimes cause an application hang
  • with creating a new multi-cam or compound clip in a project with drop frame enabled
  • adding a folder containing subtitle files to the media pool would cause a crash
  • deleting a clip with retime controls enabled would cause a crash in the Edit page
  • the duplicate clip action would not work when Fusion compositions were selected
  • audio in rendered QuickTime clips would be:
    • incorrectly tagged as dual mono instead of stereo on Windows and Linux
  • issues with colour space and gamma tagging when rendering to XAVC
  • the highlights in certain Canon Raw clips would have a purple tint
  • switching monitor scaling mode would have no effect on Media and Edit pages
  • keyboard shortcuts to switch the viewer between source and timeline when in single viewer mode
  • performing a match frame on the timeline viewer would not switch focus to the source viewer
  • keyboard shortcuts for Go to In or Out actions would not work when the Edit timeline was in focus
  • keyboard shortcuts for Import Media would not work when starting a new project
  • assigning shortcuts to switch to A or C mode sort would not work
  • deleting a remote version would sometimes switch other clips using the same remote version to local
  • using enhanced optical flow modes would sometimes cause artefacts during playback
  • playing back some DPX 10-bit images would show artefacts in the Colour page
  • performing select all after clicking on a clip thumbnail in the Colour page would not select all the clips
  • creating a new Fusion composition in the media pool would cause a crash when Resolve is set to certain languages
  • transform tools would show an offset when previewing clip proxies in the Fusion page
  • setting the soft edge of the mask tool to fast gaussian would produce incorrect results
  • changing the viewer gain or gamma values would not work when drawing a polygon shape in the Fusion page
  • with audio artefacts when previewing sections of audio clips with FairlightFX or audio plugins applied
  • with audio discontinuity when the bypass state is toggled for FairlightFX with latency
  • inserting an audio clip past another clip with crossfades would sometimes add a crossfade to the new clip
  • opening the Aux dialog and deleting Aux buses would cause a crash
  • track formats for nested timeline buses would sometimes not be loaded correctly on the Fairlight page
  • the fade to playhead actions would not work correctly in the Fairlight page on macOS and Linux
  • dragging the playhead to the start of the Fairlight timeline would not work correctly when audio scrubbing was enabled
  • markers would not be shown in the Fairlight index in thumbnail mode
  • the mark clip action would not work correctly in the Fairlight page
  • rendering long multi-channel WAV files would sometimes produce incomplete clips
  • installing the Fairlight Studio Utility would restart the system without prompting the user
  • when handling certain controls in Tangent Elements panels
  • performing re-conform from bins would sometimes cause a crash

General performance and stability improvements

Head over to the Blackmagic Design support page to download the latest update.

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