Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15.2.2 Update Brings Better Multi-Cam Performance

Blackmagic Design have released a new update to their popular grading/editing/VFX platform DaVinci Resolve. In Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15.2.2 update users get to benefit from improvements in the viewer performance on Windows systems with Intel GPUs, and better multi-cam performance when using time of day timecode.

The latest update also fixes an occasional issue where clip thumbnails would sometimes show an offline frame. This update also brings new features such as more accurate position controls, properly rendered clips with alpha and cropping, improved Fairlight automation and track naming, and also provides greater stability for Fusion.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15

Images by Blackmagic Design

Resolve 15.2.2 is of course free to download, and it addresses issues importing some FLAC, PNG and Panasonic VariCam clips. This update also includes general performance and stability improvements.

New Additions/Fixes/Changes in DaVinci Resolve 15.2.2

  • Added an option to start remote rendering from the project manager context menu
  • Addressed an issue where:
    • switching to the Fusion page in dual screen mode would sometimes cause artefacts in the user interface
  • Addressed an issue with Intel GPUs on Windows:
    • where the viewer would show black frames on playback and cause crashes
  • Addressed an issue where:
    • some MacOS laptops with Intel GPUs would cause a crash on start up
    • clicking through media pool thumbnails for certain codecs would sometimes show an offline frame
    • creating multi-cam clips from clips with time of day timecode would sometimes cause a crash
    • position controls in the Inspector would sometimes show incorrect limits
    • render cache for clips with alpha or cropping would show incorrect results
    • applying an output sizing preset would sometimes show incorrect power window positions on the viewer
    • some OpenFX and ResolveFX plugins would not work correctly for clips with custom output scaling
    • selecting a marker from the marker list in the Color page viewer would sometimes cause a crash on Windows
    • playing back a timeline with a large number of markers in the Color page would impact playback performance
    • the context menu for Color page thumbnails would not show the selected clip group
    • splitting an audio clip with cached audio effects would result in incorrect audio during playback
    • deleting a bus would not delete plugins associated with that bus
    • clips with FairlightFX Echo applied would not playback correctly after an application restart
    • playback for clips with FairlightFX Reverb would sometimes produce artifacts when replaying the clip
    • writing multiple automation parameters simultaneously would sometimes cause gaps in the automation in the Fairlight timeline
    • transitions would sometimes be drawn incorrectly in the Fairlight timeline
    • loading audio clips with unsupported sample rates would cause a crash
    • video tracks could not be hidden on the Fairlight page
    • moving audio tracks up or down in the Fairlight timeline would not preserve its hidden state
    • video track names edited from the Fairlight page would not be persisted correctly across application restarts
    • custom shortcuts would not be correctly reflected in the Fairlight timeline context menu
    • loading a project with video and audio scrollers enabled would sometimes cause a crash
    • loading specific Fusion compositions would cause a crash
    • rotoscoping using the BSpline tool in the Fusion page would sometimes cause a crash
    • editing offsets of Media In nodes in a Fusion clip would sometimes cause previews in the Fusion page to flicker between cached and uncached images
    • importing some FLAC audio clips would cause a crash
    • importing some PNG files would cause a crash
  • Addressed an issue where:
    • some Panasonic VariCam clips with multiple audio channels would be decoded with audio artefacts
  • Addressed an issue where:
    • certain QuickTime clips would sometimes show a repeated frame
  • Improved behavior for FairlightFX Distortion
  • General performance and stability improvements

To download Resolve 15.2.2 for both Studio and the free version, head over to Blackmagic Design’s support website here.

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