Download These Free DJI Osmo Pocket Color Grading LUTs

The DJI Osmo Pocket is proving a popular gizmo for capturing smooth footage and unlike the Blackmagic camera with a similar name, this one will actually fit in our pocket. Is this a professional filmmaking tool?

Probably not but it could be a very handy little specialist camera to have in your kit bag. One thing that can improve the usability of the Osmo Pocket is the CINELIKE-D colour profile and since it is now available as standard in the Osmo Pocket here are a free bundle of LUTs to help you use it.

If you are not familiar with LUTs (Look Up Tables) then an easy way to think of them is something similar to Instagram filters. They take the picture you have recorded and add a look to it, sometimes basic and sometimes extreme. They are broadly speaking designed to work with Log footage or in this case DJI’s CINELIKE-D. Shooting Log means shooting in a ‘flat’ color and contrast i.e. with little image processing happening in the camera.

Most cameras apply color processing internally to the data coming from the sensor, processing that you are stuck with when you import your footage into your NLE. It is typically an ‘S-curve’ that applies more contrast and saturation of color to the basic image. Remove this processing and you are shooting Log.

When you first look at your Log footage, whether on the camera monitor or in your NLE, it can be a little disappointing as the picture looks flat and grey. However, the beauty of Log is its ability to be color corrected and graded in post – it’s much more flexible than a picture with a baked-in look.

By shooting Log you also maximize your cameras potential for dynamic range as you dial in the levels of contrast in post. This can be helpful in creating a more cinematic look in conjunction with the color grading options that you now have available.

Grading Log footage can, however, be quite tricky and having a good starting point, a LUT is a really handy way to get going. Mauro at Mauro’s Films is giving away a nice starter bundle of LUTs for the DJI Osmo Pocket free and here is what they look like (Log footage on the left and LUT applied on the right):

1st – The Arri Cinema Style

Arri Cameras are known for their color that is often perceived as having a green tint. This LUT tries to emulate that look by adding contrast and some green in different areas of the image.

2nd – Winter Coast

Not following a particular camera now, this LUT looks to have increased brightness with less contrast and some color adjustment.

3rd – Summer Vibes

This is a popular look that feels a lot like an Instagram filter. ‘Teal and Orange’ is the traditional look of big blockbuster action movies – think Michael Bay – and it can be clearly seen here. This is an example of an extreme color grade but it can make your footage really stand out particularly on social media.

4th – Standard Cinema

A basic starter LUT to add some contrast and saturation to your Log image. Use this LUT to begin your color corrections.

5th – Fall Vibes

Mauro’s favorite LUT looks to be a bit darker with warmed-up up mid-tones.

6th – Icy Cold

As the name suggests this is a bright, lower contrast look with more blue added to give it a cold feeling. They will work in most NLE’s including Premiere Pro, FCPX and Resolve. Apply the LUT first and tweak your color settings from there.

There you go, a free bundle of LUTs, at that price why not give them a try?

[source: MAURO’S FILMS]

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