Use PL Mount Lenses on BMPCC 6K With This Adapter

The Blackmagic Pocket 6K camera came out of nowhere, and while hugely being packed with some impressive specs, the EF native mount may be a bit problematic for situations where you want to use more cinema style PL lenses. Luckily, Wooden Camera, a company no stranger to PL mount conversions (see the Panasonic EVA1 PL mod kit here, or the Canon C200 PL Mod kit) have come up with a PL mount adapter specifically designed for the latest Blackmagic camera that transforms the BMPCC 6K into a PL mount movie machine!

The Wooden Camera PL Mount Modification Kit for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K may sound a bit intimidating at first, but the actual procedure is basically a short modification process, with all necessary tools included in the kit.

BMPCC 6K PL Mod Kit Wooden camera

Images by Wooden Camera

The PL Mount itself is made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium and includes the PL port cap. Shims are provided with the kit for adjusting back focus and the appropriate shims are installed prior to shipping. Further adjustment should not be needed but can be checked using a wide angle lens and a focus chart.

The cool thing about this mod kit is that the camera’s own EF Mount screws are used to attach the PL Mount to the camera.

And of course, the best thing about this modifications, is that the lens mount swap process can be reversed. If you choose to go back to EF mount in the future, you can do it by reversing steps in the process, however, Wooden Camera warns that switching back and forth will eventually strip the plastic in your camera as the sensor block is made of a composite plastic material.


Images by Wooden Camera

The PL Modification Kit for the BMPCC 6K has been designed for users to do the mod on their own, however, Wooden Camera are also offering an installation service for an extra $250.

The good folks at Wooden Camera have a prepared a neat tutorial on how to correctly mount their PL Modification Kit on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and transform the camera’s native Canon EF mount into PL allowing you to use professional cinema lenses on your BMPCC 6K:

The Wooden Camera PL Modification Kit for the Blackmagic Pocket 6K camera is available to pre-order for $499 directly from Wooden Camera. The mod kit is expected to ship in October.

For full specifications and more info head over to Wooden Camera.

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