Dope 4th Axis Stabilizer for DJI Osmo Pocket

The Osmo Pocket, like its bigger Osmo brothers and many other gimbals, offers excellent 3-axis stabilisation. One axis that isn’t stabilised is the up-and-down or Z-axis and this can result in footage with a noticeable bounce when walking.

Adding a Z-axis, a spring-based system can smooth this motion out. So let’s check out just such a system for the Osmo Pocket along with all the smoothness and extra stability it brings to the table.

Straight away I have to say that adding this Z-axis to the Osmo Pocket seems to defeat it’s greatest attribute, it’s small size. If you are using the Osmo Pocket as a serious tool then maybe you are fine with this sacrifice but is it really a ‘Pocket’ anymore?

Moving with the now common Ninja-walk, knees bent to distribute the bounce more smoothly, can help a lot. It takes some practice and looks a bit odd but can give you nice smooth footage.

This Z-axis for the Osmo Pocket aims to reduce the up-and-down movement mechanically. It is not a DJI official product but a 3rd party build. It is 3D printed, as I assume will be everything in the future, and it looks pretty cool.

It can be rotated to offer different grip positions which is handy, no pun intended. The effect dampening can be adjusted via an Allen key cleverly stored in the handle. Furthermore, the mount is lined to softly hold the Osmo Pocket and not scratch or wear on its surface.

The unit also provides two brass 1/4-20 attachment points for mounting to a tripod, monopod or even to attach gear like audio, micro lighting or even a battery pack. A second version folds down very neatly and makes the system more appealing to me but you will have to ask yourself if it is worth the extra bulk. It’s also less comfortable in your hand.

Judging from the footage in the video the 4th-axis adapter does an excellent job of further stabilising the Osmo Pocket footage, it doesn’t fix the exposure but hey, nothings perfect.

$49 seems like a good price for more stabilisation and if you love your Osmo Pocket then this could be a great buy. Here is the link to find out more about this otherwise excellent product.

[source: Air Photography]

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